League of Legends novel “Ruination” announced by Orbit

A full novel set in the world of League of Legends, titled ‘Ruination’, has been announced in an Orbit Books Press release Monday. The novel is slated for release in September 2022 and is written by Riot Games lead writer Anthony Reynolds.

According to the release, the novel will center on Kalista, King Viego’s military general and a playable champion in League of Legends. Specifically, the story will focus on Kalista’s search for “a legendary kingdom that may have access to ancient magic – the only way to cure the poisoned queen Isolde.”

“Our goal is to publish stories that will thrill not only the millions of League of Legends players, but anyone who enjoys epic adventures set in fantasy worlds,” said Tim Holman, senior vice president and publisher of Orbit US, in the ad. “Working with the Rioters has been an incredible experience, and I believe that together we can build a phenomenal publishing program.”

“Ruination” will be the first full-length novel set in Riot Games’ League of Legends universe. Anthony Reynolds once wrote a short story set in Runeterra titled “Garen: First Shield”. The scale of “Ruination” appears to be larger, and publishing through Orbit, a mainstay of the traditional publishing house, will provide a wider reach.

“Ruination” will be published in print, ebook and audio format. It will be distributed internationally and translated for all major international markets, although the release date for translated versions may differ from the September 2022 release date.

Ruin and History of League of Legends

* Potential spoilers ahead

Fans familiar with League of Legends lore will have an idea of ​​how the story may unfold. The name “Ruination” and the involvement of Kalista, Viego, and Isolde indicate that the novel tackles the events leading up to the cataclysmic event that unleashed on the world of Runeterra.

“This is a foundational story for Runeterra and will shed new light on the events that shape some of its most pivotal characters,” Ashley Maidy, head of consumer products at Riot Games, said in the release. “We’re thrilled Orbit is bringing this to life for our fans.”

Other League of Legends characters who are very likely to appear in the book are Thresh and Hecarim. For a complete summary of the events of Ruination, the lore is available here. In the past, Riot Games was known for retcon their tradition so don’t be too surprised if the book deviates from the actual story.

The cover of “Ruination”. | Provided by Orbit Books.

The full synopsis for “Ruination” is as follows:

The first novel set in the best-selling universe of League of Legends, one of the most popular video games of all time, Ruination is an epic tale of magic, revenge, and an empire on the brink of ruin.

Camavor is a brutal land with a bloody heritage. Wherever the knights of the empire go, slaughter ensues.

Kalista seeks to change that. When her narcissistic young uncle, Viego, becomes king, she swears to temper his destructive instincts, as his trusted confidant, adviser, and military general. But his plans are thwarted when an assassin’s poisonous blade strikes Viego’s wife, Isolde, afflicting her with a disease for which there is no cure.

As Isolde’s condition worsens, Viego descends into madness and grief, threatening to drag Camavor down with him. Kalista makes a desperate gamble to save the kingdom: she searches for the long-lost Blessed Islands, said to hold the Queen’s salvation, if only Kalista can find them.

But corruption grows in the capital of the Blessed Isles, where a vengeful guardian seeks to trap Kalista in his cruel machinations. She will be forced to choose between her loyalty to Viego and doing what she knows is right – because even in the face of total darkness, a noble act can shine a light that saves the world.