Ludovic de Saint Sernin dissects the desire for spring-summer 2022


The sultry Parisian brand presented a clean line of signature underwear and playful knits.

The sultry Parisian brand presented a clean line of signature underwear and playful knits.

Unlike many struggling fashion brands, Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s eponymous brand has flourished from the crux of the pandemic. The French designer’s gendered approach to men’s clothing has caught the attention of a social media savvy generation whose most formative years have come to a screeching halt. Saint Sernin’s Fall / Winter 2021 “E-Boy” collection once again proved the designer’s talent for tapping into the positive sexual spirit of young consumers – the designer presented a plethora of comfortable laced ready-to-wear , intimate rooms and outerwear.

For Spring / Summer 2022, the Parisian brand continued its global exploration of sexuality through a soft color palette and pieces that exude sexuality and quiet comfort.

Following the groundbreaking success of its eyelet underwear, Saint Sernin incorporated both underwear-inspired pieces and more everyday touch points like oversized button-down pants and low-rise knit pants.

While Saint Sernin’s design hand is undoubtedly muted, the designer has a knack for exalting his design signatures throughout his collections – the eyelet and lace up pieces have become something of a monogram for the Parisian brand.

What Saint Sernin nails for Spring / Summer 2022 is the intersection of social media and youth culture. After being held hostage by baggy tracksuits, the fashionable generations no doubt yearn for a return to glamorous clothing – and Saint Sernnin’s see-through dresses and erotic knits will grant these sartorial wishes, both IRL and on. Instagram feed.

The collection also featured a line of swimwear and barely any blankets – a market the sultry brand began to explore as part of the Spring collection at the request of an avid clientele. The movement feels natural, as Saint Sernin’s now famous eyelet briefs reflect the shapes of swimsuits. Arriving in a variety of silhouettes – and sultry laces – the range spans from bikini bottoms to bra tops named after idyllic getaways like Positano, Mykonos and Marrakech.

The collection’s quiet sensuality is what sets the brand apart. It is typically French, inclusive, and exudes an aura of confidence and assurance.

Sexual – without becoming restrictive – Saint Sernin’s latest collection questions notions of intimacy, desire and gender expression. While the collection’s bodycon silhouettes may be increasingly daring for some, the designer has cleverly exploited an industry-wide blurring of gender and sexuality.

Credits: Images Courtesy of Ludovic de Saint Sernin.


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