Microsoft Ignite 2022: Microsoft helps customers do more with less

How Microsoft Cloud can enable change

Althoff challenged conference attendees to move from resilience to perseverance. He defined resilience as “what you do when bad things happen to you. It’s how you respond. It’s your way of reacting. He explained how Microsoft has helped customers and partners pivot during the pandemic and also noted some of the challenges the company still faces.

“While we thought this could all be sunshine and rainbows, we became aware of wars around the world, sustainability challenges, supply chain challenges, disruptions in the economy , and it’s time to pivot and use the same skills we’ve used during the pandemic,” he said. “We’re still struggling trying to thread the needle on productivity, satisfaction and employee well-being.We have supply chain challenges, we have sustainability challenges and cybercrime challenges.

Althoff touted Microsoft Azure as “the most complete and reliable cloud, and the cloud that enables customers to do more with less. Because while all of these challenges still exist, the added challenge of having to solve these challenges and seize the opportunities is met with the need to do it with less and spend less to achieve our goals.

In the keynote address that followed, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella said, “You are the agents of change who make it possible to do more with less – less time, less cost, less complexity, with more innovation, more agility and more resilience. Doing more with less does not mean working harder or longer; it doesn’t scale. It means applying technology to amplify what you can do and ultimately what an organization can achieve amid today’s constraints.

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Hybrid working requires continuous collaboration improvements

As hybrid working continues, we have all come to realize the benefits and challenges it presents. In response, Microsoft continues to improve the tools it offers to enable hybrid working.

“No CEO is somehow immune to the considerations of trying to figure out how to make their workforce more productive. And every CEO, at the same time, wants to make sure that while driving productivity, it also focuses on employee well-being and satisfaction,” Althoff said. He suggested Microsoft Teams and Viva Insights as tools to help improve the hybrid work experience.

Nadella also spoke about the needs of hybrid workers, adding his own concerns about the shortage of skilled labor. “Employees need to be empowered and energized to do meaningful work so they can thrive,” he said. “You need to help people feel aligned with the company’s mission, purpose, and business priorities. You need to help them connect with each other where they are and where they work. You need to help them constantly learn new skills in the workflow. »