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LE haras du mont Ronan achieved another strong result at its annual online summer ram sale held last week.

At the stud’s seventh sale of its kind, the Bowen family, York, presented a catalog of 80 maternal and white Suffolk bulls which generated strong demand and competition from online buyers across the country.

The sale, which was held online only, took place sequentially on the AuctionsPlus sales platform, attracted 826 catalog views and 26 registered bidders who logged in from New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and WA, plus 21 guest viewers who tuned in to view the sale.

During the sale, led by Elders, 214 online bids were placed by 13 active bidders, resulting in 62 of the 80 rams on offer selling for a maximum of $2200 twice and an average of $1242, $303 less than last year’s result.

At last year’s sale, the Bowens sold 74 out of 75 rams offered for a maximum of $2,500 and an average of $1,545.

Broken down, 39 of the 50 maternal bulls sold for the sale’s highest price of $2,200 and averaged $1,359, which was down $339 from last year.

In the White Suffolk range, 23 of the 30 rams on offer found new homes selling at a high of $1,300 and an average of $1,242, down $36 from the 2021 sale result.

Of the rams sold, 38 were sold to WA-based buyers, while six headed for Victoria and 18 for New South Wales.

The highest price of $2200 of the day was recorded by two maternal rams cataloged at the start of the range.

The first maternal ram to be sold at this value was in lot four and it was sold to a new buyer at stud in New South Wales.

At the end of July 2021, the double-falling ram was a son of Mount Ronan 190071 while his mother had a dam yield of 137.9%.

He has Australian Sheep Breeding Values ​​(ASBV) of 0.51 Birth Weight (BWT), 8.94 Weaning Weight (WWT), 14.06 Post Weaning Weight (PWWT), 14.44 Weaning Weight adult (AWT), -0.01 post wean fat (PFAT), 2.68 post wean eye muscle depth (PEMD), 6.3 pc number of lambs weaned (NLW), -16.28 number of lambs weaned faecal eggs (PFEC),

-18.22 yearling fat fleece weight (YGFW), 0.37 yearling fiber diameter (YFD) and a maternal carcass production index plus (MCP+) of 147.26.

These figures rank it in the top 5pc for PEMD and the top 20pc for PWWT, PFAT and MCP+.

This same NSW based buyer also bought a twin born ram that ranks in the top 10pc for PEMD (2.52), plus the top 20pc for WWT (9.71), PWWT (14.61) and the MCP+ index (149).

The second maternal ram for sale at the highest price of $2200 was cataloged as Lot 10 and sold to a WA-based buyer, who was also a first buyer at the stud.

This ram, which was a mid-July born twin, was by Mount Ronan 180063 and from a ewe with a damming efficiency of 155.8 pc, which was the highest in the catalog.

It has ASBVs of 0.28 BWT, 8.10 WWT, 12.69 PWWT, 15.95 AWT, 0.30 PFAT, 3.06 PEMD, 10.4pc NLW, -16.87 PFEC, -3.45 YGFW, -2.01 YFD and an MCP+ index of 147.30.

These figures rank it in the top 5pc for PEMD, the top 10pc for PFAT and the top 20pc for YFD and MCP+.

Two other rams, lots 9 and 32 of the maternal range, sold for $2,000 and both are heading to new homes in New South Wales.

The new batch ranks in the top 5pc of the breed for PFAT and PEMD plus the top 20pc for MCP+ while batch 32 ranks in the top 5pc for PEMD, the top 10pc for WWT and PWWT as well as the top 20pc for PFAT and MCP+.

As for the White Suffolk rams, they sold in a very narrow range of $1000-$1300 which was paid by a WA based buyer for lot 63.

The triplet born ram has ASBVs of 0.59 BWT, 12.47 WWT, 19.39 PWWT, 0.19 PFAT, 3.58 PEMD, 9.2pc NLW, -34.63 PFEC, -0.09 intramuscular fat (IMF), -1.14 shear force (SHRF5), 4.37 lean meat yield, 167.84 terminal carcass production index (TCP), and 168.69 lamb feed quality index (LEQ) .

These figures place it in the top 5 pc for WWT, PWWT, SHRF5 plus the TCP and LEQ indices while it is in the top 10 pc for NLW, IMF and LMY.

This WA buyer also went $1200 for a White Suffolk born to twins that ranks in the top 5pc for IMF SHRF5 and TCP and LEQ indices plus top 10pc for PFEC and top 20pc for PWWT, PEMD and PFAT.

A second ram also won $1,200 in the White Suffolk bid when he went to a WA home.

This ram ranks in the top 5pc for the IMF, SHRF5 and TCP and LEQ indices as well as in the top 10pc for PFEC and the top 20pc for WWT, PWWT, PEMD.

Elders stud stock manager Tim Spicer said overall it was a strong sale with buying support from local buyers as well as a number in the US states. East.

“Clearance was back last year, but improved after the sale, with many past lots being recovered after the sale was completed,” Spicer said.

“In the White Suffolk offering, buyers were strong on rams with better carcass numbers while in Maternals they were hunting rams with the highest maternal traits.”

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