Movie Review: Best Sellers


In review of the film Bestsellers I could just say three words, Sir Michael Caine. Usually that’s enough for me, but you probably want more. So here’s why you should absolutely see his latest movie.

Sir Michael Caine in Best Sellers

Bestsellers, the film is a story about Harris Shaw (Sir Michael Caine), a lonely and retired writer. Her first book was a huge success, but that was decades ago and there has been no sign of a second.

Enter Lucy Stanbridge (Aubrey Plaza), a young editor trying to keep the publishing house left to her by her father. With the wolves at the door, Lucy searches for that book that will keep the business afloat.

Unable to find an author, she stumbles upon an old contract that suggests Shaw owes them a book. When they realize that Shaw is in fact alive, and not dead as it is thought, there is a silver lining as it was actually Shaw who put the business on the map for the first time. All Lucy has to do is visit Shaw and remind him of her commitment to her father. Simple. But then she meets the man.

Shaw is a disgruntled, bitter and stubborn man who is not ready to help anyone, including himself. However, he has a problem. He owes a lot of money and could be forced out of that house onto the street.

He also happens to have a new book in the bottom print. He hates the book but the initial contract with Lucy’s father states that no one else can edit his works. The contract also states that he must do a book tour. Then begins a hilarious road trip.

Bestsellers is a road movie like no other, full of laughter and tears. It’s a delight for all the other authors who have had to endure the banality of a book tour. Sir Michael Caine is still brilliant. He must have had fun doing some scenes.

Rating 8/10

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