New Beatles Lyrics in Paul McCartney’s New Book


Here’s the sun – and more Beatles lyrics.

In Paul McCartney’s upcoming book “The Lyrics,” he will include exclusive lyrics that have never been heard by the public, according to the Guardian.

The book, which will contain 154 songs, is described by McCartney, 79, as a “self-portrait in 154 songs”. Each song will also be accompanied by commentary from McCartney, who recently released “McCartney III” on its creation.

The book’s publisher, Allen Lane, told The Guardian it would also contain lyrics to an unrecorded song called “Tell Me Who He Is”. It should be released on November 2.

The singer’s next book will detail the lyrics of The Beatles.

Earlier this year, poet Paul Muldoon told The Guardian the book is also based on encounters he and the singer have had over the past five years.

Beatles songs that have never been heard before will be featured in the next book.
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The book’s announcement comes just a month after McCartney’s Beatles docuseries aired on Hulu. Entitled “McCartney 3, 2, 1”, the iconic singer and songwriter showed off exclusive details with Rick Rubin.

Paul McCartney
McCartney also announced just a few months ago that he would be performing another tour as the dangers of COVID-19 diminish.
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McCartney’s revealing lyric book will also be accompanied by an exhibition at the British Library from November 5 to March 13. It will be released just in time for Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”, which will make its Thanksgiving debut.

Paul McCartney
The singer and songwriter was a part of The Beatles for 10 years.
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