New Improved YouTube Creators Site Relaunched


Image Credit: Youtube

Use the new version of YouTube for Creators to make your channel a success, with top tips for musicians, producers and other creators on YouTube.

Noting that people are constantly asking questions like “How do I start creating on YouTube?” And “How can I grow my channel?”, YouTube has relaunched its YouTube website for creators to provide answers to confused creators.

Want to start posting your music to YouTube or want to refine the music content you post to your existing channel? Take a look at YouTube tools for creators to help you create better content and reach more fans.

The new site walks you through tips ranging from answers to FAQs about being a YouTube creator to how to make money on the platform. The site is divided into three sections: “Welcome, Creators”, “How It Works” and “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Information on YouTube for Creators includes:

  • Policies + Guidelines: Keep up to date with how YouTube is making it a more secure platform.
  • Build your community: Find out the best content to create to engage with the people who view your content, and how the different tools on YouTube can help you strategize.
  • Programs + Initiatives: Explore the opportunities YouTube offers to creators.
  • Develop your channel: Find out how to improve your channel and how analytics will help you get more views.
  • Make Money on YouTube: How you can generate income from your YouTube channel through Ads, the YouTube Partner Program, and channel subscriptions.

YouTube said, “In addition to the official Creators Channel, the website will offer expert advice to help you tell your story, build your community, and turn your passions into opportunities. “


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