NFTglee to Host Bitcoin 2022 After Party; Ready to Announce Bitcoin Streaming Service and Introduce Content Catalog

DENVER, February 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NFTglee is once again partnering with Bitcoin Media in conjunction with Bitcoin 2022 to be held in Miami, April 6-9. NFTglee will be the official host of After Party Bitcoin 2022 to be held at The Temple House, one of the most recognized event venues in the country.

Access to Bitcoin After Party 2022 will be affected via NFTs built on Bitcoin, and are already oversubscribed. Event sponsors and hosts expect 400 VIP guests (ticket prices TBD) to take part in an immersive visual and Web3 experience at The Temple House.

As host of Bitcoin After Party 2022, NFTglee will include celebrity guests, an internationally renowned DJ, and the announcement of its Bitcoin streaming service.

“As we continue to explore and develop the seemingly limitless application of the NFT utility, we are focusing on access. Our NFTs will replace your username and password, or your physical ticket, giving access to streaming content, physical location/real world events, all fully authenticated in our wallet.” – CEO of NFTglee, Tillman Holloway.

As the growth of Web3 applications evolves and matures, NFTglee is focused on providing the rails through which consumers interact with content and experiences.

NFTs built on Bitcoin are uniquely positioned to solve a plethora of problems: exponential scalability, smart contract functionality, cross-chain royalty risks, carbon-free transactions, financially self-sufficient creators, and capturing secondary sales.

“We are lowering barriers to entry and simultaneously solving engagement limitations in the Metaverse. Using our multi-signature wallet functionality and smart contracts, we ensure that creators receive their royalties correctly on every blockchain and every platform.”

“Our platform is built on Bitcoin and transacts in L-BTC (Liquid Bitcoin) giving us two unchanging advantages: cost and zero carbon. As the NFT ecosystem evolves and matures, great shifts towards almost cost-free typing will occur.” – CEO of NFTglee, Tillman Holloway.

Bitcoin 2022 will serve as a showcase for the continued evolution of Bitcoin and how it presents economic freedom and consumer privacy.

Our announcement of a Bitcoin streaming service and Web3 access tools (NFTs) will signal that creators now have an outlet to regain control of their content and fanbase in a censorship-resistant way.


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