NHS pays record £ 75million to families of patients who die due to botched care


NHS PAYMENTS to families of patients who died due to botched care totaled a record £ 75million last year.

Shock figures obtained by The Sun on Sunday show 969 deaths in hospitals.


NHS paid £ 75million to families of patients who died due to errorsCredit: Alamy
There has been a catalog of errors resulting in the death of patients


There has been a catalog of errors resulting in the death of patients

Successful claims against the NHS in England for a death have risen 31% in five years while the compensation bill has climbed 66% from £ 45million.

NHS resolution statistics reveal a catalog of errors leading to patient deaths.

These included 29 cases where there was a medication error, 23 where the patient was discharged too early, 24 where there was no action due to abnormal test results. , and 50 where they received the wrong treatment.

But the main causes of these deaths since 2015/2016 were 261 cases related to a failure or delay in treating a patient and 158 cases where there was a similar lack or delay in diagnosis.

The average claim payout by NHS Resolution is £ 77,300, but some claims, where a deceased person would have had a long working life ahead of them, have been settled for around £ 1million.

In 2012, an article in the British Medical Journal calculated that 13% of hospital deaths were preventable because they came from staff errors.

If this figure is correct, it means that nearly 12,000 preventable deaths occur in hospitals each year – more than 30 each day.

Researchers believed there were some issues with junior doctors who were not adequately supervised by experienced consultants.

Joyce Robins, Co-Director of Patient Concern, said: “It’s just awful.

“People go to the hospital to get better, they shouldn’t be killed for poor care.”

An NHS spokesperson said: “Our patient safety strategy includes measures to reduce medication errors.”

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