Opinion matrix: the SNP’s “catalog of failures” in the midst of a “nationalist turn”


Articles on Sunday’s opinion page put SNP’s record under the microscope as new figures show more than 140,000 Scots have not had their second Covid shot within the recommended eight-week window Here is the choice of the Herald of these editorials.

Mail on Sunday.

Its leader has targeted the SNP-led Scottish government, attacking a “chess catalog” alongside the “nationalist turn”.

“If you want to know what Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon gets in return for the £ 1million of taxpayer money she spends every year on wringers, consider the popular Scottish government management tale of the coronavirus pandemic, ”he said.

“Despite the abundant evidence of fail after failure, a myth that Ms. Sturgeon was particularly competent began to take hold. Make no mistake, this analysis was developed at a meeting of SNP wringing specialists. .

“History will shed a harsh and ruthless light on some of the Prime Minister’s mistakes since the coronavirus struck.

“The Scottish government’s decision last year to transfer infected patients from hospitals to nursing homes remains unfathomable.”

He added: “Bad decisions have been made by overpromised ministers and Ms Sturgeon has often over-promised only to under-promise.

“The SNP government has set itself the goal of vaccinating all over 18s in Scotland by today. As usual, the Prime Minister broke his promises.

“Just last week, Ms Sturgeon’s Health Secretary Humza Yousaf NoLines promised that the roll-out of the first doses for all who are eligible would be completed tonight. In fact, nearly 465,000 Scots have not still received only one injection. ”

He continued: The Scottish government’s response to its failure to keep this promise is to deny that such a failure exists. She considers that all the people who could have been stung have been stung and adds that some people have changed their date of appointment.

“Even a team of £ 1million a year wringing specialists couldn’t come up with anything better than this.”

He concluded: “Scotland is slowly moving towards further easing of the lockdown restrictions. With so many people still unvaccinated, the SNP could create the perfect storm for a major transmission spike.”

The sun on sunday

Its chief has also expressed concerns about the risks, as more than 140,000 people have not had their second Covid vaccine within the recommended eight-week window.

“This means tens of thousands of people who are not fully protected against a virus that is re-spreading the country. Add to that the slowdown in jab rates in general and the picture is far from rosy,” he said. said the newspaper.

“This poor performance also raises the specter of punitive sanctions on our freedom that would last longer than expected.

“The Prime Minister’s administration has repeatedly failed to meet its goals despite its slick performance in televised briefings.

“It’s a pretty bad record.

“But it poses a health risk to tens of thousands of Scots.

“And that’s inexcusable.”


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