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Stuck in a locking bubble – one of the world’s greatest singer-songwriters is keeping it tight and shiny for his latest collection of original songs.

The importance for a writer to own his own work is something Paul Carrack has worked on throughout his nearly 50-year rock and roll career – but that’s almost exclusively his focus for the last 20 years.

“The thing was my own songs, my own catalog,” he says. “I realized while working on a collection of hits a few years ago (The Story So Far) – that I had had a hand, or helped co-write some really big songs, but that I didn’t had no say in them – still had to license them for my own collections, ”Carrack tells The Mirror.

“I realized you have to have your own catalog. “

The tune in question is probably one of the most important of his career – four-time Grammy nominated Mike and the Mechanics “The Living Years” – but the significance is that Carrack has been involved in a number of huge songs where that could be a problem. .

Ever since Sheffield’s favorite musical son, England wrote and sang the melody “How Long?” For Ace in 1975 in his early twenties, Paul Carrack had hits with the Squeeze bands, a two-decade run with Mike + the Mechanics, Roxy Music, Nick Lowe, and more.

He has performed with or written tunes for Elton John, Diana Ross, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and the Eagles and many more. He toured with a guy named Ringo.

Paul Carrack’s voice is the epitome of blue-eyed soul – and his solo work over the past two decades absolutely underscores the previous 30 years of collaboration. Its possibly also known for the voice of Blue Eyed Soul as Doobie Brother Michael McDonald is for Yacht Rock. And Carrack also wrote with Michael Mcdonald.

Last month he toured the southern United States with Eric Clapton. Their last show of the race was September 26.

” It was crazy. I go out (on the road) with Eric who is going back a bit now. “

Indeed, Clapton toured the southern United States last month amid a pandemic. Being to Slowhand’s right was an adventure – Carrack documenting much of his offstage touring antics on social media.

When he’s not on tour with guitar gods – he releases his own material – he adds to this very important material catalog. One against one is a collection par excellence by Paul Carrack.

It wasn’t meant to be an “all Carrack” affair.

“I said I was never going to do an album on my own again – I’ve done it before,” he notes before the closure of the world made this new collection a true Paul Carrack solo effort. .

He writes music and lyrics as he always has – improvisation and “blues” words on the music until the shape of the lyrics hits.

“Once you can start something, the work begins. “

The results on ‘One on one’ are a collection of positive, upbeat, upbeat songs – with a few slower-paced songs in the mix. It’s Carrack in his most diverse instrument in a few albums. Maybe a little less guitar-oriented than the previous one – the collection starts with Good and ready is also a strong opening track or a live track.

While many tracks on the album reflect the pandemic and tell a real story overall, Brighten up your mood is the only real cry for containment.

Precious time, and You’re not alone are other notable works on the album.

Behind closed doors certainly indicates that he will travel to Nashville in the future to break a record.

His musical work / studio environment is exactly what you would expect from someone touring the world in the 1980s with a supergroup while balancing their own solo graphic career.

“We have this place now – come here and mess around, get a few things done. “

Carrack did not succumb to computer programming and technology with advancements and leaps in recording from tape to digital formats. Instant changes and commentary are now part of the music instead of cutting tape off a reel from the past.

“Everything is still played live – there is no programming, but setup and access and that’s what we would have killed for back then.”

About a year ago, he hosted an online streaming concert. He says that over the past year, fiber optic has been introduced into his studio in case more live broadcast events need to be hosted or filmed.

“We have that here if we were to broadcast again – but I want to get out on the road.”

A Carrack live is one of the best. It’s always a combination of new stuff, deep cuts from his solo career, and more.

“I love singing. There are these six / seven tracks that we still have in the set. Eyes of Blue will always be there, The Living Years (Mechanics), How Long (Ace), Tented (Squeeze), Over My Shoulder (Mechanics) Love will keep us alive (Eagles).

that of Paul Carrack One against one fell a month ago on September 17th. Good and ready tour is scheduled for next year.

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You might find him on this side of the planet with Clapton next year.

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