Persian translations of the latest children’s literature ready for publication

TEHRAN — Prolific Iranian translator Sheida Ranjbar has said her interpretations of many of the latest offerings in world literature are ready for publication.

She told Honaronline’s Persian service on Monday that her translation of American author Kim Ventrella’s 2020 book “Hello, Future Me” will be published by Iranban.

The book tells the story of eleven-year-old June, a girl who tries to prevent her parents’ divorce using her super planning skills, magic, and a little help from her future self.

“My challenge with this story was to conjure up all the raw honesty I’ve ever dealt with regarding my own situation, while adding light, humor, whimsy and sparkly magic,” said previously stated Ventrella.

She added that the novel is not autobiographical, but it allowed her to explore a facet of her past that she had previously overlooked, and noted, “I wanted to be ambitious, yet still be real and facing to head-on problems. .”

The Persian interpretation of American writer Rebecca Bender’s three-volume series “Giraffe and Bird” by Ranjbar will be published by Bazi va Andisheh Publications.

“This series is about a giraffe and a bird, who always seem to be quarreling, but they know they need each other,” Ranjbar said.

Earlier in 2021, Bazi va Andisheh Publications published her translation of Hrefna Bragadottir’s novel “Baxters Book” about self-confidence.

Ranjbar is also the translator of “I Love You, Michael Collins” by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. The book was recently published by Shahre Qalam publishing house.

“The novel, in fact, illustrates the loneliness of young adults in the modern world,” said Ranjbar, whose take on “Scorpions,” a young adult novel written by Walter Dean Myers, was published by Peydayesh.

“‘Scorpions’ is truly gruesome and compelling, forcing readers to empathize with its characters,” she said.

A Persian translation of Irish writer Eoin Colfer’s young adult novel “Half Moon Investigations” by Ranjbar has been published by Porteqal.

Photo: This combination photo shows the covers of Persian editions of some books translated by Sheida Ranjbar.