Police seize computers in raid on independent book publisher in Bangkok

Thirty police officers this morning raided a publishing house in the Bangkok metropolitan area known for its books that are highly critical of the status quo.

Fa Diew Kan (“Same Sky”) said officers arrived at his location in the Rattanathibet area of ​​Nonthaburi around 10:30 a.m. with a search warrant to search for books “about the monarchy and Thai society.”

Co-founder and editor Thanapol Eawsakul could not be reached for comment at the time of publication. His mobile phone and computer were seized, according to a statement from the publishing house.

The publishing house is known for producing journals containing in-depth discussions, analysis and commentary on Thai politics and society, some of which are critical of the monarchy.

Photo: Fa Diew Kan

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights said its lawyers were on their way to the police station.

This is not the first time that Fa Diew Kan has been visited and searched by the authorities. In March last year, the police raided the office and seized numerous copies of The Monarchy and Thai Society written by imprisoned lawyer-activist Arnon Nampa. Police said they would “thoroughly” examine the copies for any content deemed insulting or critical of the monarchy.

Fa Diew Kan also produced two books – Khor Funfai Nai Fun An Lueachuea and Khun Seuk Sakdina Phraya Insi – based on scholar Nattapol Chaiching’s doctoral thesis on politics in the Cold War era. Last year, Nattapol and Fa Diew Kan were sued for alleged defamation and accused of spreading false information about the books.

After the 2014 military coup, several attempts were made to prosecute those who criticized the ruling junta that took power. Thanapol was brought in for questioning and detained several times.


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