Porto Rocha’s new ‘motion-first, artist-centric’ identity for the world’s leading music network


It’s a redesign that puts animation and musicians at the heart of the brand to strengthen Vevo’s position both as an expert in music video culture and as a champion of the artists involved. Elements have been introduced that allow Vevo to expand beyond its classic filigree and into a more editorial and culturally focused space. It is an identity that highlights the content of the artist and invites us, the viewer, into the dynamic universe of the platform’s ever-growing catalog.

“Although Vevo has over a decade of industry expertise working with almost every great artist, our research revealed a clear challenge and opportunity,” said Porto Rocha. “Although the Vevo wordmark was very recognizable, there was less notoriety around the Vevo expanse as a brand.” Another challenge was to recognize Vevo’s discussions with consumers and businesses. So Porto Rocha had to help him communicate different messages to multiple audiences – from music fans to advertising engines and the music industry as a whole.

The layout system creates dynamic compositions that frame and defend an ever-expanding list of content. Mainly animated, the “motion-first” identity even looks great when things are static. While the whole platform is complemented by secondary tones: hues and shades of a flexible color palette that sometimes serve as shorthand for the many musical genres and subgenres in Vevo’s catalog.

Plus, there’s a utilitarian sans-serif typeface, Plain, which brings all the identity together. Designed by François Rappo for the Swiss foundry Optimo, it complements the geometry of the Vevo logo and offers a warmth associated with the grotesque revivalist typeface design.

“When creating the visual identity for Vevo, we were fascinated by the idea of ​​scale – not only in terms of the sheer amount of content on the platform, but also in terms of the reach and capacity of Vevo. to generate rapid growth for the artists and musicians they represent ”explains Joseph Lebus, design manager at Porto Rocha.

“We combined size and opacity to create a system that behaves almost in a musical way, where the elements change scale to create energetic, ever-changing compositions that amplify the content they present. a dynamic system brimming with energy; one that celebrates Vevo’s vast library of content in a way that connects both with the artists they represent and the audiences they reach. “