‘Queen Of Hearts’ Team Directs Tove Ditlevsen TV Series – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Director-writer duo May el-Toukhy and Maren Louise Käehne, who previously collaborated on the Sundance 2019 hit Queen of hearts, team up with major scandi Nordisk Film Production on Addiction, an adaptation of an autobiographical novel by Danish author Tove Ditlevsen.

Production on the project will be Lina Flint, who founded Nordisk Spring’s talent department and has credits including The guilty, which is remade by Jake Gyllenhaal and Netflix, and the upcoming comedy Wild men.

May el-Toukhy will be the conceptual director of the series and Käehne will be the main screenwriter. Nordisk obtained the rights to the 1971 book from the Gyldendal Publishing House.

The four-part show will describe influential author Tove Ditlevsen’s four marriages with four very different men. It promises to be a brutally honest story with no sentimentality about how it divides the roles of artist, mother, wife, and drug addict.

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“The life of Tove Ditlevsen is, in all its complexity, fascinating and inspiring material for us as filmmakers. She wants everything – career, children, love, freedom – but is always constantly drawn to the destruction of all forms of harmony and joy, ”commented Käehne. “Tove’s existential divide between life’s conflicting desires and dreams resonates with audiences today and with us as storytellers. She is both an identifiable and enigmatic personality that one never tires of exploring and her experiences are balanced on a delicate line between recognition and unpredictability, making her an unparalleled dramatic material to deploy in a performance. cinematographic.

Addiction is a completely fantastic, complex, brutal and moving work and I can’t think of anyone better to tell and interpret the story of Tove Ditlevsen than May and Maren Louise, ”added producer Flint. “With them at the helm of this great collaborative cinematic work, audiences can expect a modern yet universal story of existential uprooting and a woman’s pursuit of something bigger. “

“Tove Ditlevsen’s authorship is more current than ever with ongoing publications all over the world. We think Nordisk Film, with its creative team, is just the right place to imagine this intense and ultra-modern work, ”added Lydia Constance Grønkvist Pedersen, Book Rights Officer.

by Ditlevsen The Copenhagen trilogy, composed of the novels Childhood, Youth and Addiction, have been published in more than 20 countries.


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