Red Dead Online weekly update September 28


Rockstar Games rolled out the weekly Red Dead Online update on September 28, resetting activities and discounts! Same as before, for the recap, go below for the list of new activities, discounts and more.

Red Dead Online weekly update reset for September 28:

Red Dead Online add three new Hardcore Telegram Missions this week with A difficult business, three new missions that will test the toughest mercenaries through Saint Denis, Tatou, and Coulter – without any aiming aid or enemies visible on their map.

In addition, many bonuses and boosts for Traders and Moonshiners, next to a free Horse care package for all players and the latest discounts await all players.

Other highlights from today’s news include:

  • Three all-new Hardcore Telegram Missions: Players will have to eliminate a target in the heart of Saint Denis by Good and dead, save the hostages of the Del Lobos gang at Border justice, and stealthily steal theft plans of a local gang in Cold day in hell
  • Double XP in all Groceries
  • 50% RDO $ and Role XP Boost at the end Trader and Moonshine sales
  • Login rewards for merchants: A Reward for 25 Merchant goods, more a Reward for a Merchant replenishment for Quick Draw Club # 3 members (received within 72 hours)
  • Moonshiner Rewards: A free Mash filling to connect, a Reward for 2,000 Moonlight XP for Quick Draw Club # 3 limbs, plus the destruction of 3 Barriers to revenue officers will bring back a Offer for 40% reduction a Established Where Distinct Moonshiner role object (received within 72 hours)
  • A Free horse care package for all players, available to all Stable
  • New discounts: 5 gold bars out of both the butcher’s table and the Moonshine hut, 40% reduction the hunting cart, plus 30% off everything Race horses, all Stable stalls, Moonshine Hut Upgrades, Moonshiner Bar Themes, Merchant cosmetic role objects, and all Ponchos
  • New Prime gaming perks: Players who log into Prime Gaming before October 25 will receive a reward of 40 Capital city And one Offer for half of the Mauser pistol


Take your horse to the next level by visiting the stables and benefiting from a 30% reduction on the price of all racehorses and stable stalls; all horse care packages are also free.

Join the entrepreneur class this week: Butcher’s Table and Moonshine Hut cost 5 Gold Bars cheaper than usual. Traders above Rank 10 can save 40% by purchasing the Hunting Cart from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog. All Trader Cosmetic Role Items also get a 30% discount for the next seven days. .

Treat the drunks by sprucing up your Moonshine Shack – upgrades and themes are 30% off.

Bundle up to protect yourself from the elements: all ponchos are 30% off in the catalog and at the tailors of the map.

It’s all for this week. See you next week for the next Red Dead Online update.


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