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Here are the most common mistakes that are made in requests for personal loans online. The five mistakes you can not make to get a loan quickly and easily (and how to avoid them to get an online loan).

1. Try again immediately after a refused loan

Image result for Here are the most common mistakes that are made in requests for <a href=personal loans online.”>The first mistake in applying for personal online loans that we want to face is the request for a new loan after the previous one has been recently refused . First of all it is always advisable to ask, if possible, the reason for the refusal of the loan. If it is possible to remedy the situation that led to the refusal, it is good to do everything to resolve it. In any case, it is advisable to wait at least 30 days (or more, if possible) before submitting a new request for personal loans online , as even rejected requests can be consulted by those who evaluate the loan. Why wait? The reason is simple: it is unlikely that a bank or a financial institution will lend a loan if a competitor has recently refused it or very little time.


2. Multiple requests at the same time

A second very common mistake among those who request personal loans online is to make multiple requests at the same time. This is a mistake that in many cases leads to the refusal of the loan, because banks and financial institutions have access to databases that can show pending loan applications, ie not yet approved or rejected. In this case, usually the loaning subject rejects the practice, in some cases without carefully evaluating the feasibility of the loan itself. The reason for the refusal is simple: no bank would like to take the risk of granting a loan, knowing that it could be issued another short that would therefore risk compromising the ability to return the applicant.

4. Give up the personal loan

At point one of this guide we said that it is not recommended to request a new loan shortly after a refusal. This does not mean, however, that in the event of a refusal one should completely renounce an online loan! In fact, a loan refused by a bank could instead be approved by a different subject. After an appropriate period of time, you can always try again , turning to a different subject.

3. Do not request a release

In the event that an online personal loan is refused, it is advisable to ask the person who has refused the loan, a document called release . The release is a document that certifies that the loan application is no longer in progress so that the subject is “free” to apply for a new loan from another financial institution. This document is often requested by the financial institutions themselves; therefore it is recommended to take precautions so as not to dilate the time necessary for the evaluation of the practice.

5. Select the guarantor in a superficial way

Often, if the loan provider believes that the subject may be in difficulty in paying the installments, or believes that the guarantees provided are not sufficient, he can request the presentation of a guarantor , ie a person able to guarantee the repayment of the loan to the place of those who signed it. The error in this case concerns the failure to take into account the characteristics of the guarantor itself. Choose it carefully, asking especially if you already have several loans in progress . Also make sure that the guarantor is not a bad payer ; in this case, in fact, the financial company could refuse the practice without taking it too much into consideration. The same is true also for the protested . Before choosing the guarantor, make sure that your income or assets at your disposal can be a sufficient guarantee for the personal loan you intend to apply for.


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