Research History by Eugene Lim. Coffee House, $ 16.95 commercial paper (210p) ISBN 978-1-56689-617-7


Eugene Lim. Coffee House, $ 16.95 commercial paper (210p) ISBN 978-1-56689-617-7

The montage is the message in the last elliptical, whirling of Lim (Dear Cyborgs), which delivers a post-human manifesto on the loss, identity and transfigurative potential of art. Billed as “a mysterious murder, an outdated owner’s manual … a shattered novel”, this release opens with a “dysthymic artificial intelligence scientist” experimenting with machines capable of creating poetry and prose in the world. name of a galactic society while a robot named Caesar Aira discusses the aesthetics of the cyborg with his own ex-wife. An equally eccentric plot is soon bubbling up in New York City. Based on an overheard conversation, a grieving friend of the late Frank Exit – outraged pianist, drug lover, virtual reality explorer – becomes convinced that Frank has reincarnated as a robot dog named Izzy and teams up with a graduate. amnesiac from a clown school that calls itself. Donna Winters, who herself is convinced the dog holds the key to finding her deceased mother, to steal Izzy from the enigmatic Doctor Y before they can rocket escape to the far side of the moon. Meanwhile, a group of old friends gather at the restaurant they’ve dubbed “Inauthentic Sushi” to discuss the dreams, ghosts, and lives of Asian American artists. Also in the mix is ​​an autobiographical interlude concerning Lim’s mother, and a poet and nurse named Muriel. The resulting novel is deep and casual, with a drift of photographs, screenshots, and an eclectic lexicon of quotes from WG Sebald, David Byrne and many more that reveal Lim’s blended legacy of distillation. This brilliant sui generis takes storytelling to new heights. (Oct.)


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