Review: SonicWall Capture Client makes security transparent

Despite all the talk about insider threats – a very real problem – the truth is that most attacks, including ransomware, originate outside of an organization’s network. For example, 70% of breaches in 2020 were caused by strangers, according to Verizon. Meanwhile, IBM identifies the most common cause of breaches in 2021 over stolen user credentials.

It’s clear that while a good security policy and well-trained staff are important to keep businesses safe, investing in the right protection is also vital.

My recent test of SonicWall’s advanced endpoint protection solution impressed me with its ability to provide continuous behavioral monitoring, easy threat hunting, and a multi-layered heuristic approach to determining potential network anomalies. All of this combines to produce highly accurate determinations of active threats with very little noise or false positives.

Save time while protecting your environment

SonicWall Capture Client makes it easy and intuitive to create rules that allow or block various activities and alerts. This allows the platform to take automatic action, saving human defenders time to investigate and respond to ongoing threats. Other useful tools include automated malware scanning and built-in advanced threat protection.

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From a single interface, administrators can see which devices are online and working and check their security status. Policies can be assigned to entire groups, device types, the entire network, or even individual endpoints. The platform can even monitor encrypted HTTPS and other SSL traffic.

When a threat is detected, SonicWall Capture Client makes it easy to understand the nature and extent of the problem. It also simplifies the process of capturing threat intelligence and sharing it among team members or as needed for regulatory compliance.

Insider threats thwarted by Capture Client

While outside threats are the primary vulnerabilities businesses face and thwarting them is SonicWall Capture Client’s greatest strength, it doesn’t shy away from tackling the risks posed by malicious insider activity. This includes blocking threats delivered via USB devices inserted into endpoints.

SonicWall’s cloud-based management console also allows IT security administrators to monitor and assess the health of each tenant by viewing infection counts and existing vulnerabilities. This visibility management program also identifies what and who is blocked.

Meanwhile, Capture Client’s next-generation malware protection engine, powered by SentinelOne, includes machine learning to track evolving threats and a multi-engine sandbox to isolate anomalies, and can perform One-click full system restore.

Packing so many advanced features into an easy-to-use interface makes SonicWall Capture Client an excellent choice for protecting modern businesses with large networks and many public assets.

Key Cyber ​​Compliance Security Features

Businesses of all sizes struggle to comply with regulations, and in some industries, such as healthcare and financial services, the requirements are stringent. SonicWall Capture Client can help. The solution offers security policy enforcement and allows administrators to see all application vulnerabilities. This is a huge time saver for IT teams trying to prepare for audits.

Additionally, one-click restore capabilities provide organizations with a powerful tool to restore services and maintain compliance. SonicWall’s ability to quickly create global policies makes it easy to establish or update compliance and regulatory requirements. The platform may also enforce content filtering policy issues.

Capture Client allows administrators to apply a single base policy to all tenants, making it much easier to create new tenants, while allowing administrators to quickly view the overall health of all tenants.

Finally, when Capture Client’s “inheritance” option is enabled, all new tenants acquire existing account policies as soon as they go live. Even so, unique policies can still be created and edited for individual tenants, covering everything from content filtering and malware protection to DPI-SSL certificate management.


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