Robben Ford – An American guitarist in Paris, via Australia

Acclaimed American guitarist Robben Ford returns to tour Australia for the first time in eight years, performing at Blues On Broadbeach (Gold Coast) as well as his own series of hits (Newcastle, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide).

“As I always tell everyone, quite honestly, my two favorite places to play in the world are Australia and Japan,” Robben said.

“I’m moving to Europe now and will be limiting my international travel, but I’m still happy to go to Australia and Japan so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Blues On Broadbeach will be the only opportunity for Queensland audiences to see one of the true guitar greats in action as he rips through a wide selection from his huge catalog, including his latest record ‘Pure’.

“Well, you know I like variety in my music and my live performances,” Ford said.

“There are times when you focus on a particular style or you write a record, you go out and play the record – I definitely did that.

“But at this point there are things that I like in my catalog that I’m going to play, older pieces of music that are just fun to play and everyone enjoys it.

“We’re going to play some songs from ‘Pure’, and I’ve also just been in this instrumental phase with the guitar; I love playing and writing instrumental music.

“I worked a lot with saxophonist Bill Evans, he and I made a few records together.

“So the palette will be wide, but I like to think that if I had to put it under an umbrella, it would be rhythm and blues music for me. It’s groove music, it’s music that should get you moving and stimulated.”

Considered one of the hundred greatest guitarists of all time by Musician Magazine, Robben possesses a rare mastery of the guitar, seamlessly blending blues, jazz, rock and world music in a glorious harmonic fusion.

“Having a variety of experiences definitely broadens your musical perspective,” says Robben.

“I always bring it back to my two-year period with Joni Mitchell and the LA Express, which was really my first break into a bigger world and my first time playing with really sophisticated, older musicians.

“I learned so much in those two years that it opened the door for me to be able to listen to Chicago blues, James Taylor, Indian music, Raviel; and all of those things are real influences, they are not just casual acquaintances.

“These are things that have really stuck with me from all qualities of music, many styles of music. So I thank them for the lessons that I learned early on, it was helpful.”

Having called Nashville home since 2018, Robben is in the process of making a permanent move to Paris with the intention of starting a new chapter in his life and career.

“Well, it’s a lifestyle change quite frankly,” he admits.

“I am a little unhappy with the way things are going here in the United States and I wanted to move to Europe many years ago, but circumstances always made it impossible. But now it is possible for me to go there, so I’m jumping on that.”

Robben Ford 2022 Tour Dates

Thu 19 May – Lizotte’s (Newcastle)
May 21-22 – Blues On Broadbeach (Gold Coast)
May 25-26 – Memo Music Hall (Melbourne)
Fri May 27 – The Factory Theater (Sydney)
Sat 28 May – The Gov (Adelaide)