RSSB publishes latest quarterly research and innovation update


Sensor technology to monitor passenger comfort in real time, a new toolkit to enable longer trains to stop on shorter platforms without costly upgrade work and work to decarbonize freight railways are part of the innovative research projects and results presented in the most recent quarterly update of the RSSB.

The detailed projects are broken down into three phases: those which are “in action”, the projects which are “ready for use” but still have to be implemented regularly, and those which are “in progress” with continuous development. .

Luisa Moisio, Director of R&D Program at RSSB, wrote: “As is often the case, this quarterly update brings exciting news on the introduction of new solutions that leverage the latest technology.

“Progressive innovation is also important. Doing more and better by adapting industry assets and processes plays an important role in improving the safety, experience and value we provide to rail customers.

“Our research often provides the evidence base for updating rail standards, and it’s an important way to put our findings into practice for the benefit of the industry.

“In this issue, we report new research on general speed restrictions, freight decarbonization and technical solutions to avoid speeding. All of these have the potential to produce important results that will feed into the standards, guidance and tools that RSSB provides to industry, making the latest findings easy to apply.

In the sensor technology example, RSSB worked with Grand Central and Pure Chaos, co-funding a trial of inexpensive, battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology through its grant program.

These sensors monitor the temperature, pressure and humidity of the living room air, using the data collected to train machine learning algorithms to predict heating, ventilation and air conditioning failures, which can then be used to inform preventive maintenance planning and reduce the likelihood of train disruption. being taken out of service.

For those who wish to get involved and learn more about how new technologies can improve the rail industry and its capabilities, the RSSB has organized a number of outreach opportunities.

Read the full update below:


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