Sergio Pérez’s new book “Dios dentro de mí” is an uplifting read that enlightens the mind and fuels the heart with courage, faith and strength despite adversity.

SAN ANTONIO, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC WIRE PR/ — The recent publication “Dios dentro de mí” by Page Publishing author Sergio Pérez is an enlightening exposition that leads one to see and embrace God’s grace in a life of darkness, terror and turmoil.

Sergio Pérez, a renowned psychotherapist specializing in alternative therapies within quantum medicine and energy management, has completed his new book “Dios dentro de mí”: a compelling opus that helps navigate life through chaos. It is a book that lays out a roadmap to God and leads us away from wrong direction and sadness.

Pérez shares: “To talk about physical, psychological and moral harassment and abuse is to show one of the expressions of human violence in the world, unfortunately, throughout the history of the world, all this continues to happen. Although the world is advancing, technology is awakening with more and more tools to help modernize planet Earth day by day. The one thing that apparently isn’t advancing is the change of consciousness or the awareness of human beings, to stop doing this type of harassment or abuse of the most vulnerable and innocent beings on planet Earth.

I remember, since I was a child, this continuous search for God, as I explained to you, from a very young age, I searched for this direct communication with God, without thinking of all that I had to face in order to realize and reach the conclusion that God is within me. I made the decision to write this book, because when I was at the top, in the media on radio, television and in the press, achieving prominence as a public figure in the community, people were talking to me and attacking me in a certain way, saying to me: ‘The way you talk about yourself is very interesting, a pleasant, positive way, really when you talk we realize, all of us who are listening to you, that in reality you have never experienced difficult things, that in your life you have never had faults, which has always received everything with ease”. Every time I heard his words, all the negative experiences I had in my life came back to me, and I said to myself: “one day I will share them in a new book, because with my experiences I have been able to help people who have gone through this type of situation, to face them in a different way, to realize that if we recognize that God is in us, we can make the most of all the negative problems that occur in our lives, we will understand that God in life gives us opportunities to change our history, to change our lives and not to remain in the role of victims and with that to suffer, to make our lives bitter, even to achieve the threshold of suicide.

It’s easy to realize that God is me and that I am God, since we are part of his supreme energy, like a divine spark.”

Published by Page Publishing, Sergio Pérez’s book reminds us that God is within us and will never leave us. Life will always be fueled by challenges and in those cases one must find the strength and hope to live, and they can find it in God and around them.

Readers interested in discovering this powerful work can purchase “Dios dentro de mí” in bookstores around the world, or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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