Small loan 2018 – Calculation of Installment, Tables and Module

Are you an employee or a public pensioner looking for information on the small INPDAP loan updated in September 2018? You’ve come to the right place!

In this guide I will give you all the information to know about this type of financing so that you have a clear vision in this regard.

What is the small INPDAP loan?

The small loan inps ex INPDAP is a very simple loan to obtain, for which you will not even have to submit expense documents, or provide specific reasons: the repayment installments will be constant , with deductions from salary or pension .

Let’s try to find out more about this type of inpdap loans , discovering who is responsible, what the requirements are and how much you can get.

Who can apply for the small Inpdap loan?

You can apply for the small Inps ex Inpdap loan if you are an employee or a public pensioner, registered in the Unitary Management of Credit and Social Services ( Bank ).

If you do not know what it is … do not worry: you are certainly already enrolled in the Bank without knowing it!

The Bank is in fact a service for the management of credit and social services, to which you are obligatorily enrolled if you are an employee in service with the state or local administrations.

Among other things, know that the compulsory membership costs you 0.35% withholding in your paycheck: a small withdrawal that, together with the withdrawals of all other public employees, serves to support the credit needs, and the social benefits.

If instead you are a pensioner , it is not obvious that you are enrolled in the Fund: you are, in fact, only if at the time of the application for retirement you have also submitted the application for membership of the Bank: if you have made this choice, from the pension you are subtracted a rate equal to 0.15% (therefore, a little ‘cheaper than that which is instead subtracted to employees).

How much can you get?

Through the small Inps ex INPDAP loan you can get an amount of money equal to a salary month, or multiple salary payments (up to a maximum of 4 times).


The repayment period depends on how much you have requested. Let’s do some clarity:

  • you can get 1 net salary month by repaying the debt in 12 installments (1 year)
  • you can get 2 net salary monthly payments by repaying the debt in 24 installments (2 years)
  • you can get 3 net salary monthly salaries by repaying the debt in 36 months (3 years)
  • you can get 4 monthly salary salaries by repaying the debt in 48 months (4 years)

However, keep in mind that small inps ex inpdap loans can also be requested in double-monthly payments, but only if you have no current deductions on your salary or pension.


  • you can get 2 months salary by repaying the debt in 12 months (1 year)
  • you can get 4 months salary by repaying the debt in 24 months (2 years)
  • you can get 6 months salary by repaying the debt in 36 months (3 years)
  • you can get 8 months salary by repaying the debt in 48 months (4 years)

How much is the small INPDAP loan?

According to what the economic conditions of the small Inpdap loan report today, an annual nominal interest rate of 4.25% , administration fees of 0.50% , employee risk premium is applied to the amount of the service that you are going to apply. by age groups and the duration of the loan.

Therefore, these are rather convenient cost and interest conditions, which will allow you to benefit from a credit line of 1-8 monthly payments, to be repaid at a low cost.

How can you apply for the small inps ex inpdap loan

You can apply for the small Inps ex Inpdap loan through a form you can find in your administration’s secretariat, or on the website (Inps has absorbed the Inpdap activities for a few years).

For pensioners, the form can be downloaded not only on the INPS website, but also through the Contact Center (803 164) and patronage.

Delivery times for the small Inpdap loan

One of the most common questions you may ask is: how long does it take before you can get hold of the amount of money I need ?

Fortunately, the answer is quite comforting even if, it should be specified, you do not have to wait too quickly!

As regards the small-scale National Institute of social security and assistance for employees of the public administration INPDAP , normally the payment of the sum takes place within one or two months from the time of the request.

Therefore, we are certainly talking about times much longer than those of an ordinary bank loan: however, considering that the conditions are generally cheaper, it might be worth it …

Small loan INPDAP tables

If you want to know even more about the possibilities of having a small Inpdap loan , we suggest you to look at this booklet that the institute has prepared to facilitate the determination of the loan amount according to the installment.

This is a rich volume of almost 200 pages that will guide you to discover all the features of Inpdap funding, the conditions applied and the calculations for obtaining the desired loan.

Calculation small installment INPDAP funding

We close our today deepening proposing another resource particularly useful for all those who, like you, wish to be able to get a free and immediate estimate on the funding obtainable.

Going to this page of the INPS you will find in fact some tools for calculating the installment of the Impdap loans, and the forms and instructions for completing the applications.

Some questions that maybe you’re doing

If you have carefully read the lines that we have summarized a while ago, you are already at a good point: you have all the information you need to be able to apply for the small Inpdap loan , and in this way try to meet your credit needs in simple and convenient way.

But if you are a curious and scrupulous person, it is possible that you are asking a few questions.

Let’s try to imagine them:

Can I get it even if I have a fixed-term contract ? Yes, but there is an important limitation.

You can in fact obtain it only for the duration that is missing when the work contract expires .

So if you have a contract that expires in a year , you can only get a small Inpdap loan equal to a net salary month, to be repaid in 1 year.

If you want to apply for a small loan but you are not a public or state employee, see the article on small loans mentioned above.

How do I pay the installments? The installments of the small Inpdap loan are deducted from the paycheck or pension slip, by Inps.

Can I renew the small loan? You can renew the small inps ex inpdap loan after the minimum amortization period set in the regulation has expired, ie 6 months for annual loans, 12 months for two-year loans, 18 months for three-year loans, 24 months for four-year loans.

If instead you decide to pay off the loan early, know that you will still have to wait until the same times have elapsed from the date of granting the loan, before asking for another.

Technically, in the hypothesis in which you opt for a renewal, INPS will pay off the loan in progress, recovering the residual debt when it will grant the new one.

If I die during the loan, will my debt go to my heirs? No. If unfortunately you should die (or should suffer absolute and permanent disability), INPS will not proceed against your heirs for the remaining debt (ie, the debt will be considered extinct).

And if I’m transferred? If you are transferred to another public administration , you do not have to worry: the office that provides monthly deductions will inform the new administration of the loan details , and the account of the withholdings and payments that have already been made to INPS, in such a way that the relationship can continue without interruption.


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