Smartclip monetizes the connected TV portfolio of 47 Samurai across Europe

smart clipRTL Group’s ad tech unit, joins forces with 47 Samuraia global monetization agency for OTT programmatic content to market the 47 Samurai portfolio across Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland

47 Samurai monetizes long-form connected television (CTV) content worldwide. Now, smartclip supports 47 Samurai in distributing its AVOD and FAST wallets across Europe using their deep knowledge of diverse markets and a deep-rooted local footprint. In the German market, 47 Samurai’s content offering is monetized as part of the AdAlliance portfolio. In addition, RTL AdConnect is adding the premium catalog to its connected TV offer in European markets.

The catalog of 47 Samurai includes channels such as Nosy, Dust, World Poker Tour, Wild Earth, etc. This move diversifies smartclip’s rapidly growing connected TV content offering and helps consolidate a wide variety of connected TV advertising spaces in local markets, as well as connected TV advertising Europe-wide.

Advertisers recognize the potential of the CTV opportunity as it offers a cost-effective way to reach audiences that watch less traditional television while shifting to digital video content. CTV combines the impact of television advertising with the targeting capabilities of digital distribution. Advertisers benefit from increased measurability of long-form video advertising and emerging synergies between screens. The cooperation between 47 Samurai and smartclip marks an important step in promoting a less fragmented CTV offering for advertisers wishing to enter the European digital TV advertising market.