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Andrea Johnson/DND Max Patzner stands in front of the mural he created at Souris Valley Animal Shelter. The artwork was commissioned and sponsored by First Western Bank & Trust. People who adopt new pets from the shelter will have their picture taken in front of Patzner’s mural. Patzner also enjoyed petting one of the puppies available for adoption at the shelter on Tuesday.

When people adopt a new member of the animal family at Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot, they will have their photo taken in front of a new mural commissioned by First Western Bank & Trust by Minot artist Max Patzner.

“I specialize in drawing cute little faces on animals,” said Patzner, an active Minot artist and musician.

Patzner attended an event Tuesday to celebrate the unveiling of the mural he created at the animal shelter.

The mural features cute little animal faces on whimsical images. In one scene from the fresco, a cat and a dog get into a car. Elsewhere in the mural, a cat is perched atop a house that reads “Furrever Home” and say “Meow.” In another section of the mural, another cat basks in the branches of a tree next to the house.

Patzner said the home’s peek-a-boo windows in the mural were inspired by her one-year-old son and the books they read together. His son laughs with joy when he opens one of the windows of a picture book and sees the pictures. Patzner said he wanted to give other kids the same fun he enjoyed with his little boy.

Two children at the event, Kip Samson, 4, and his brother Hart Samson, 2, who attended the unveiling of the mural with their mother, Marcela Samson, had a blast Tuesday morning as they opened the windows peek -a-boo on the mural and pointing at the animal images. They also enjoyed petting the shelter’s adorable puppies.

Patzner’s new venture is an inspirational/educational program for children called: “The little one why not? Publishing house,” according to information provided by First Western. Patzner teaches students how to write and illustrate their own books, then turns them into hardcover books that can be kept on the family shelf.

Patzner said that his children’s books, “Wild & The Animal Band”, and “Alpha, yeah sure, you got BETcha: The Nodak ABCs” can be purchased at Main Street Books in downtown Minot. More information about his projects can be found at or

Pru Bray, the Souris Valley animal shelter’s special events coordinator, said the mural commissioned by First Western Bank & Trust adorned a wall at the entrance to the shelter’s veterinary clinic. It will also be the space of many happy beginnings of “Furry Families” who have just adopted a new pet from the shelter.

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