Stan Sport adds SpeedSeries to its growing catalog

Stan is taking another big step by taking a lot of motorsport TV to his Stan Sport feature.

Stan Sport is now home to the IndyCar, Formula E, World Rally Championship, World Endurance Championship and Australian Race Group categories and events, which are now called “SpeedSeries”.

SpeedSeries presenter Matthew White applauds the change and thinks that despite some initial reluctance, viewers will end up enjoying the new format.

“I don’t really know what to complain about,” White says. “Because when you think about it, we have another major broadcast player invested in Australian motorsport that we didn’t have before.”

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“So if you’re a fan of Australian motorsport and you want Australian motorsport to go well and strong for the future, the only way to do that is to have investment at all levels.”

“Now we have another serious media player who has decided to invest in this sport and he’s coming with Stan’s support, he’s coming with Nine’s support, and then there’s a whole reach around that.”

“So he can rub shoulders with other categories, he can stand out from other categories, but in my way of thinking, that can only be a plus.”

“It’s about more investment, more exposure and more categories getting good exposure across the board, and streaming is clearly the future, but there will be great parallels and results. throughout Nine and this connection as well.

“So while it will be an adjustment, I think ultimately when new players invest in the sport, the only outcome will be good for the sport.”

White goes on to express how much he praises the new format and enjoys creating something new for motorsport.

“We’re building something new and that always appeals to me,” White continues. “The opportunity to be part of it is what really excites me. The partnership with Stan is also another entirely new aspect. I think it’s just great for sports, really.

The Stan Sport SpeedSeries kicked off today at 1pm.

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