Sunday Dinner Publishing Announces Next Diverse Children’s Book

Los Angeles, California, August 31, 2022 – ( – Independent publisher Sunday Dinner Publishing has announced the release of its latest diverse children’s book, “Parker Peterzak has the Big School Blues,” by author Angel Tate and Brittany Moody. The black-owned publisher is excited about the acquisition and the team. The title is the first chapter in the series of books for the new publisher.

Parker Peterzak loves big words. In fact, every time she finds a new word, she writes it down in her Brainiac journal. All summer, Parker has been collecting big words to bring to his new school for big kids. You see, so far Parker has been in a school for small children. This year, she is entering third grade at Lane Elementary. But Parker soon discovers that starting a new school isn’t as easy as it seems. Will Lane Elementary live up to Parker’s expectations? Will Parker find a way to fit in at her new school? Or will Parker be stuck with the Big School Blues?

Parker Peterzak’s Big School Blues is an inspiring story about the ever-present challenges of being the new kid in school. Exciting and heartwarming, this book is touching reading for all children going through transitions at school. Parker Peterzak has the Big School Blues will be available for purchase in the spring. (Publish date: March 2023)

About the Author
Angel Tate has been creating stories since she was a child in Chicago. The author/illustrator studied English literature at university and discovered a passion for children’s books after having children of her own. “Children are so curious and thirsty for knowledge. I like the way they react to the books. It’s so pure and beautiful.

About the illustrator
Brittany Moodie is a Caribbean American illustrator, character designer and visual storyteller living in New York City. His art style specializes in expressionist lines rendered in warm color palettes. Her work is inspired by her passion for animation, video games, fashion and music.

About the Sunday Dinner Edition
Sunday Dinner Publishing (SDP) is an independent publishing house created by educators. Founded during a Sunday dinner discussion about diversity in the publishing industry, SDP aims to highlight inclusive authentic writing that brings everyone to the table. The mission-based company is dedicated to disrupting the publishing industry by centering marginalized creatives in our:

● Acquisitions: We publish diverse/inclusive books to reflect the world we live in.

● Collaborations: we hire various creatives; highlighting voices that are traditionally marginalized in publishing.

● Partnerships: We partner with like-minded brands/companies/schools to support traditionally marginalized voices in publishing.

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