Sydney Opera House Mentorship Program Announced for Various Emerging Writers


Writers Patricia Arcilla and Joyce Chew are the two recipients of Sydney Opera House’s inaugural mentorship for various emerging writers, presented in partnership with Sweatshop.

Chew and Arcilla each receive $ 1,000, an Antidote digital pass to the festival and mentorship from affiliate mentors at Sweatshop, Winnie Dunn and Declan Fry. Two candidates, Adrian Mouhajer and Tiffany Fong, were warmly congratulated.

Applicants had to submit their idea for a writing project inspired by the themes of this year’s Antidote festival. Chew will write a fictional play inspired by the Myth of the Fair Go panel, blending faith-based fiction with recent stories of Asian identity and the legacy of colonialism. Arcilla will write an essay inspired by the #StopAsianHate panel discussion and highlight the need for a more nuanced understanding of the Asian-Australian identity. Completed works will be published on the Sydney Opera House digital platform.

The mentorship program, which will run annually, was announced in July.

Pictured from left to right: Arcilla, Chew

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