Taboola Partners with Awin to Help Publishers Diversify Their Traffic Acquisition Strategies


Taboola, a global leader in recommendations for the open web helping people discover things they might like, today announced a new partnership with Global Affiliate Marketing Network, Awin, to help publishers diversify their traffic acquisition strategies. The collaboration will also provide publishers with free access to premium training content through Fifth.

Awin is part of the Axel springer publishing house and is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world, with over 1,000 employees. Awin chose to work with Taboola to help its publishers explore new traffic acquisition strategies in a simple, non-committal and cost-effective way. Additionally, Awin has put together tips on how to automate affiliate income reporting in the Taboola platform to help optimize campaign effectiveness.

Awin’s business partners will also benefit, as the partnership will attract a greater proportion of interested consumers to them through Taboola’s market-leading native advertising platform. Awin customers who sign up with Taboola will receive $ 150 credit to advertise with the content recommendation provider.

Paul Stewart, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at Awin Global, said: “By bringing together the world’s largest global affiliate network with the world’s largest native content discovery and advertising platform, Awin is extremely excited. by the value that this strategic partnership can create for our common customers. . For Awin publishers looking to explore new traffic acquisition strategies, we think this is a great place to start. It also benefits Awin’s retailers who will see even more interested consumers routed to them through Taboola’s platform.


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