TABoose Tour rolls into the Mohegan Sun Arena

On Saturday, November 12, tabooose (Trey Anastasio Band and Goose) took over Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut for an incredibly spirited sold-out show as the third night of Goose and Trey Anastasio Band’s co-headlining tour.

Goose’s performance on Saturday marked his second appearance at Mohegan this year – the State of Origin arena hosted the eighth annual Goosemas Celebration last February. Unlike this show, where there was extra floor space and no open seats behind the stage, the venue was absolutely packed with people, a full sellout of 10,000.

The quintet took the stage to thunderous applause and jumped on “Animal”. The perfect opening choice for the energetic, guitarist crowd Rick Mitarotonda took his time on the middle jam section and brought it to a boil before wrapping up the catchy melody.

“Flodown” was then tapped and saw Mitarotonda lead the jamming again, this time not with hard-hitting guitar playing but with a host of delay effects. As this song’s long intros are wont to do, the drummer’s propelling beat Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeff Arevalo was peppered with screeching guitar panics until it exploded into the song proper.

Keeping the energy in this breathless set was the first piece of drip field to appear on this tour, the essential “Arrow”. Taking the dance-y groove for a shorter-than-normal spin, Mitarotonda pushed through a broken rope to lead the rest of the band through a smooth transition to a cover of Bob Seger’s “Hollywood Nights,” not played by Goose since May 4, 2018 or 311 shows. Arevalo sported an ear-to-ear smile throughout the cover as the band kept the energy at a screaming level as they finished “Arrow.”

No time to waste, multi-instrumentalist Pierre Anspach used his wireless guitar setup to join Rick center stage on the ensuing “Dripfield”. Launched alongside “Hungersite” during the third set of the Goosemas show in the same room in February, last night’s “Drip” had a similar effect in an arena setting – drums pounding and guitar blaring through all the corners of the space as massive smiles were beamed by everyone in the group.

Anspach then called on TAB’s horn section to help him on a cover of Fat Freddy’s Drop’s “Fish in the Sea” – a staple of Goose’s live catalog. Bass player Trevor Week the driving groove laid the perfect foundation for horns to solo as a saxophonist James Casey and Mitarotonda traded licks phenomenally.

Trey was brought in for the closer shoot, and the crowd went wild for the opening notes of “Factory Fiction.” For those of you who may not be familiar with the song’s history, “Factory” was written by Mitarotonda and his writing partner Matt Campbell over a decade ago as part of the band’s catalog. precursor to Goose Vasudo. Rarely played in Goose’s early days, it was eliminated at the wedding of “Coach” crew member Jon Lombardi in October 2019 and has been a standout part of their 2020 live bingo tour. Since then, the song has been performed numerous times at “casual” shows, or at times when the mood just calls for a little extra.

Excitement swept through the crowd as the song progressed, and we were treated to another dose of Allman Brothers-like guitar playing from Anastasio and Mitarotonda as the jam rose to several screaming peaks. to round off Goose’s incredible set.

TAB’s set began with the first rehearsal of the tour, the catalog classic “Sand”. Moving from there to “Shine” and “Twist,” Anastasio’s normally bouncy energy seemed multiplied last night as he ripped his fretboard to shreds during the opening songs.

A quick bounce through “Mozambique” gave way to the tour’s first “Night Speaks to a Woman”, a song filled with impressive vocal contributions from Natalie Cresman, Jennifer Hartwick and James Casey as Trey continued to shred.

“Mercy,” a beautiful song crafted from the piano-composed intro of Ghosts of the Forest’s live shows, offered a break before a bubbly version of “Undermind.” Trey led the group through a relative rarity “…And Flew Away” from his solitary journey quarantine album before the brightness of “Pigtail” kept smiles on faces.

Taking a late spot that’s perfect for the song, “About to Run” featured what may have been Anastasio’s strongest guitar playing of the night. Bass player Dezron Douglas dug into the groove when the roof was blown off the arena. “Push On ‘Til The Day” closed the main part of TAB’s set with another searing peak that had the crowd even more connected and crazy than they had been before.

Bringing Mitarotonda and Anspach onto the stage, the band jumped into a peppy “No Men in No Man’s Land” that once again featured Douglas and drummer Russ Lawtonconnection of the rhythm section, the first turning to face the second throughout the deep groove. Focusing once again on guitar showcases rather than deep improvisation, Anastasio and Mitarotonda churned out peak after peak in “NMINML” and the closing “46 Days” that left ear-to-ear smiles on audiences. attendees.

For the encore, the rest of Goose was brought on stage when Trey remarked that “sometimes you just need two bass players” before tearing straight into “Carini”. More smiles on every band member’s faces, more fireworks on the fretboard, and a final venue-destroying peak wrapped up the third show of the TABoose tour.

With five shows remaining, both bands continue to gain energy and confidence as the tour progresses and we all look forward to the collaborations to come.