Technology Review Magazine 2021 issue 2


Ericsson CTO’s perspective Erik Ekudden on the essential role of mobile networks

There is much more awareness today than just a few years ago of the critical role that mobile networks play in digital infrastructure, especially when it comes to ensuring availability, reliability, sustainability and affordability. Where 5G networks have become the norm, our vision of mobile networks as the backbone of digital infrastructure is becoming reality.

At Ericsson, our long-term goal is to transform the network platform into a powerful innovation platform designed for a smart, sustainable and connected world. An important aspect of this work is figuring out how to support use cases that blur the lines between physical and digital realities. With 5G, we have made significant progress in enabling the physical and digital worlds to converge into augmented reality that meets the communication needs of humans and machines. But the expected use cases of 6G such as cyber-physical systems and the internet of the senses will require even more advanced technologies and network capabilities.

With that in mind, this year’s tech trends article focuses on the topic of digital representation in the future development of networks. Accurate digital representations of humans, physical objects and surrounding environments are absolutely essential to the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Creating digital representations of sufficient quality to meet the needs of future use cases will require unlimited connectivity, reliable systems, cognitive networks and what we at Ericsson call the computer network. To learn more about these trends, check out my article on page 36.

This issue of the magazine also includes six other articles highlighting advancements in important research areas including Extended Reality (XR), zero trust networks, 5GS roaming, data ingestion and energy efficiency. Additionally, we have an entire article devoted to the topic of network computational structure, in which the authors discuss how we can support distributed intelligence and simplify deployment over heterogeneous infrastructures and administrative domains using unified data access, real-time infrastructure and developer-friendly services.

While all of the articles in this issue deserve your attention, I want to highlight the XR article in particular. XR technologies have enormous potential to transform both industry and society in the not-so-distant future. Our article discusses how mobile network operators can take advantage of the time-critical communication capabilities of 5G networks to support businesses that want to launch XR applications at scale, which was simply not possible before.

We hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine and pass it on to your colleagues and business partners. You can find PDF and HTML versions of all articles here.