Teen influencer focuses on mental wellness among peers with new teen journal project


At just 17 years old, Jessika Farrell, better known as Jessika the Prankster has made a name for herself, but the road to success has not been easy – she has found solace in journaling and is keen to initiate others. teens at journaling. The YouTube star has over 2.5 million subscribers, and now she uses this platform to provide a resource for young people who may feel like there is nowhere to turn. Bristow Publishing, a boutique publishing house, has teamed up with the young star to publish a new daily affirmation journal called “In My Feelings Journal”. Its goal is to normalize discussions about mental health and to help teens process and understand their feelings and what they may be going through.

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The journal provides 90 days of daily prompting and positive affirmations to help guide the reader each day on their journey to better mental well-being and to understand that their feelings are valid because they are real. These daily entries are accompanied by inspiring art, which provides a beautiful backdrop for the uplifting passages. The idea behind the journal was to provide teens with a creative outlet to express and work through their emotions.

The journal also includes information on resources available for teens who may be feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, or other well-being issues.

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Jessika knows this feeling all too well, having struggled with her own emotions for much of her life. She wants other teens who may be in a similar situation to know that they are not alone. Up to one in five adolescents aged 12 to 18 struggle with depression, anxiety and other related issues. It’s also why Jessika wants teens to know that there are things they can do on their own to help improve their mental well-being.

For Jessika, keeping a journal became a way for her to share her feelings and express her emotions, when she thought no one was listening to her. By writing down her thoughts and getting rid of things, journaling was able to bring some relief to Jessika, and she wants other teens to know that they can use journaling as an outlet as well.

This was the inspiration behind his next big project called “In My Feelings Journal”.

Jessika was brought up in the foster care system. She became a celebrity after posting a video on social media showing she was playing a prank on her adoptive mother, Mama Redd. After that, the rest was history. The Gill Talent Groupduo, Jessika and Mama Redd quickly became household names. But, before meeting Mama Redd, Jessika had gone through difficult times and often struggled with her emotions and whether what she was feeling was considered “normal”.

Jessika has often said that she wanted to inspire other teens to follow their dreams and never give up hope, no matter what situation they find themselves in today, and to stop trying to categorize their own feelings as normal or not.

She hopes this journal will be one more resource to help these teens find their way to happiness and positive mental well-being.

The journal will be available in four colors, including black, pink, blue and gray. Pre-orders are available now. In My Feelings newspaper goes on sale July 27e.


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