The bookseller – Rights – Simon & Schuster wins the new Tsangs intermediate series

Simon & Schuster Children’s has landed Dragon Force, a new mid-level series from Katie and Kevin Tsang with illustrator Peter Antonsson.

Managing Director Rachel Denwood and Senior Editor Amina Youssef have acquired the UK and Commonwealth rights to three books in RCW’s Dragon Force series by Claire Wilson. The first book will be published in September 2023 and will be supported by a “full-scale” marketing and advertising campaign. Ahead of the launch, Simon & Schuster will run an extensive readership and backlist campaign, starting with the recently announced release of the £1 World Book Day headline. An adventure in the kingdom of dragons in February 2023.

The Dragon Force series will expand the universe of the authors’ previous series, Dragon Realm. Their new series is set in a world where humans and dragons live together. The editor added, “But the fragile peace is threatened by a host of dangerous magical creatures, and it’s up to Dragon Realm hero Billy Chan to recruit and train the Dragon Force: a new group of bonded children. by dragons whose extraordinary and mysterious powers hold the key to protecting humans and dragons…”

The Dragon Realm series has sold more than 100,000 copies in the total consumer market since its launch in September 2019, according to the publisher. The fifth and final book in the Dragon Realm series, Fate of the Dragonwill be published on September 29, 2022. As part of the publication, the authors will visit UK schools and festivals “as part of their biggest marketing and publicity campaign to date”.

“I’m so excited to continue Simon & Schuster’s dragon adventures with the brilliant and best-selling Katie and Kevin Tsang,” Denwood said. “The continued success of the original series is a testament to their bold imagination and commitment to honing engaging, accessible, page-turning reads that also deliver heart, warmth and humor through a group dynamic of “kids and dragons skillfully presented. This magical blend, which we hear time and time again is what kids love so much about the series, will be supercharged in the new Dragon Force books as Team Dragon brings the adventure – and our ambition – to the next level.”

Katie Tsang commented, “We were blown away by the vision and ambition that S&S had for the Dragon Realm series. To have that level of support throughout a series, and to see it grow, has been incredible. These books look like real teamwork.”

Kevin Tsang added, “We love working with S&S and are excited to continue the adventure with Dragon Force. We can’t wait for new readers to discover our dragons.”