The Clinic by Sally-Anne Martyn published this month

AN AUTHOR has landed a three-book publishing deal with his dark psychological thriller about mysterious disappearances at an exclusive diet clinic.

The clinic is Sally-Anne Martyn’s debut novel, inspired by her time working as a nurse’s aide in a former Victorian asylum.

Sally-Anne, who lives in Lower Whitley, writes female-led thrillers, inspired by the strong working-class women she grew up with.

Her imagination tends towards the dark side of things – like a child she loved House Hammer and Tales of the unexpected.

Sally-Anne Martyn's thriller The Clinic is out later this month.  Credit: Bell Lomax MoretonThe Clinic (Joffe Books)

The 49-year-old writer opened up about how she made the imaginative connection between the asylum where she worked and a luxurious but grim diet clinic.

She said: “I like that everything I write has a foot in reality, no matter what it is.

“The idea of The clinic come from a time when, in the 1990s, I worked in one of the last Victorian asylums in the country.

“These were horrible places where people were hidden away for all sorts of reasons – learning difficulties, Down syndrome, women who had children out of wedlock – anything they didn’t understand.

“They were places to take people’s eyes and thoughts away, for good.”

Yet it is the latter that Sally-Anne takes up and weaves into the fictional universe of The clinic.

Hanna Hakkarainen, Marketing and Publicity Coordinator at Joffe Books, said: “I am delighted to be working with Sally-Anne on her fantastic psychological thrillers.

“I was immediately captivated by Sally-Anne’s brilliant sense of place, thrilling atmosphere and excellent characterization.

“I have just started work on his next book, which already promises to surpass the first.

Sally-Ann has a three-book deal with Joffe Books, and she is currently working on her second novel, which is about modern witchcraft.

Her first novel, The clinicwill be published Thursday, October 27 by Joffe Books in print and digital.

Sally-Anne grew up in Hathersage in the Peak District but now lives in Lower Whitley with her husband and son, three dogs and five pet pigs.