The latest edition of Ball Bearings magazine is now available!

As the end of the semester slowly begins to draw nearer, it’s time for the spring issue of Ball Bearings Magazine to be published!

What are ball bearings?

Ball Bearings Magazine is a student-produced magazine that explores regional and national issues from the perspective of Ball State students. Through its reporting, commentary, criticism and more, Ball Bearings helps its readers focus on what it means to live now.

This is the very first complete lifestyle edition! Featuring stories about dating ideas and profiles on new businesses, this edition focuses on connecting readers to the Muncie community. From hidden gems in Muncie to a small business “Soup-erb”, this edition features many different things that will have you calling our town “Funcie”. This edition was inspired by popular lifestyle magazines like Cosmopolitan and People Magazine.

Where to get your copy!

Ball Bearings magazines are on newsstands campus-wide on Thursday, April 21. If you can’t make it to campus or can’t pick up a copy, a digital edition of Ball Bearings will also be available online!

For more news on future releases and special editions, be sure to follow Ball State Daily.

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