The young medina and student publishes her first book


MEDINA – 14-year-old student Jaideth Cooper can add “published author” to her resume, which sets her apart from many other students, especially those of her age.

Cooper is home schooled and lives in Medina with his family. His book, “The Nameless Dimension”, is available on Amazon.

“My book is about a family that travels to another dimension and their daughter breaks up and ends up going on an adventure in that dimension,” Cooper said. “This idea has been developing for some time. It went through a lot of changes but, when I started writing this version of it, I just felt it was right and I just kept going and I couldn’t stop.

Her book is over 300 pages long and it took her about two to three months to write it.

“It was something I did myself in my spare time. At first it was just like a writing exercise, then it became like a real book, ”Cooper said.

She shared that this was the first book she was finishing. Previously she would start writing and stop halfway, but this one was different.

“But this one, I really like that idea and I just kept going and wanted people to be able to read it,” Cooper said.

Her dad helped her with the cover art and the publishing process and she talked about what it was like to write her first book.

“Really, you have to write your first book and go through it, read it a couple of times to edit it, and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it and that you have a cover image and publish it through Amazon Publishing,” he said. Cooper said. . “You have to make sure this ends well, enough that they want to know what’s next, but they’re not unhappy, you’re not doing them on a cliffhanger when they’ve been waiting so long.”

Publishing a book would be an exciting experience for anyone, but at 14 it’s quite unique.

“I think I can finally hold it… and I know I’m releasing it to the world and people can read it,” Cooper said of the best part of publishing this book.

Being part of a home schooling program allows Cooper to write her book because it provides the flexibility she needed to write her book.

“It’s not like you have homework. You can finish it all in the morning and you have the rest of the day to write your way, ”Cooper said.

She said it was so good to be able to get people to notice her work. She wants to make her book the first in a trilogy and is already working on the next in her series.

“I’ve always been in science fiction and fantasy. I read all of Harry Potter in first grade, so I just wanted to write something like that, ”Cooper said.

Her next book, she shared, will incorporate some of the experiences that 2020 and 2021 have brought with them into its fantasy dimension.

This experience made her dream of becoming a published author come true. Cooper explained that if she could go back, she would make the decision to write and publish her book again.


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