This unique Ferrari 250 GT Lusso was Fantuzzi’s fantasy

Over the years, UK-based Ferrari specialists GTO Engineering have had their fair share of unique prancing horses in their stable, but this 60s jet-setter is perhaps the rarest of them all.

It’s almost normal for a car built in 1963 to have resided in many countries over the decades, but some cars have been there, got the t-shirt, revved their engine and got soaked in the rays of the Sun. This impeccable Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is just that, with a rich history that spans dozens of countries and cities, including Venezuela, New York and, of course, Italy. If this car had a passport, it would be full of stamps and signatures!

A “normal” 250 GT Lusso is a rare thing, with only 351 built at the time, but this example is perhaps the rarest of them all. Being the 16th 250 GT Lusso ever made, it was equipped at the time with a bodied Fantuzzi body by its original owner, which only adds to the drama and presence of this unique prancing horse.

Its history is well documented, being originally finished in Grigio Metallizzato from the factory, and at the request of the original owner, while the car was still relatively new, it was partially re-bodied by Medardo Fantuzzi, who designed bodywork for the owner. Tecno racing cars. Fantuzzi’s creation was a clean, sleek design, with a fresh front end and faired headlights, completely changing the proportions of the entire car.

These days, the world is flooded with new supercar orders, old and new. For example, Rolls Royce can create literally anything you desire, even a Phantom that looks like a boat. All it takes is a crazy idea and some very, very deep pockets. What makes this 250 GT Lusso unique, however, is that it was handled by an external coachbuilder, which was popular in the 60s., but not as sophisticated as today. Fantuzzi poured their heart and soul into the design, and it’s easy to see why the car was loved by so many around the world.

GTO Engineering is now selling the Ferrari after caring for it since 2012 and describing it as “unexcelled”. It is a unique Ferrari 250, without any other like it in the world. Something we don’t usually say to describe a car that’s 60 years old!