Thor 4 Merch Showcases Chris Hemsworth’s New Helmet

A new adornment pictured in a Hallmark catalog gives audiences their first look at what Thor’s costume will look like in Thor: Love and Thunder.

New images of Hallmark’s upcoming Marvel Christmas ornaments have leaked an image of the upcoming Thunder God’s costume Thor: Love and Thunder.

The new design shows Thor wearing a blue and gold costume with a matching helmet. The new images are from a catalog set to be posted on the Hallmark website next week and is expected to include Black Panther, Groot, Dr. Strange, and Spider-Man ornaments, though the Thor ornament is the only one to preview. an upcoming costume for a Marvel character.

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This is not the first time that a new product has leaked information about the next one. love and thunder movie. A new Thor LEGO set appears to demonstrate new abilities for the Bifrost in the upcoming film, depicting a version of the Bifrost that can carry an entire large ship across the Rainbow Bridge. The LEGO set has also confirmed that Valkyrie will carry the title of King Valkyrie in the upcoming movie.

Similarly, a new toy version of Thor’s Hammer seemed to confirm that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will wield a Reforged Mjölnir, after the hammer was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. The new costume design on the ornament matches recent leaked promotional photos that gave audiences their first look at Thor and Jane Foster’s costumes in love and thunderwith Thor in the same blue and gold outfit as the ornament.

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The fourth Thor The film is set to follow a popular storyline from the comics in which Jane Foster reprises the role of Mighty Thor. It means a return for Natalie Portman, who played Foster as Thor’s love interest in the first two Thor films, but who was absent from Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Love and Thunder is due out in a few months, but the movie was still doing reshoots this month. Director Taika Waititi joked about waiting until the last minute to finish the film. “It’s still not over,” Waititi said recently. “It comes out in July, so probably end of June [laughs]. Probably like a day before the premiere [laughs]. This is how we do it.”

Thor: love and thunder will land in theaters on July 8.

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