TikTok star Jessica Golich talks about her new book “Opening the Cosmic Doors”


TikTok star Jessica Golich. Photo courtesy of Jessica Golich

TikTok star Jessica Golich chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about her new book “Opening the Cosmic Doors” and her career as an internet sensation.

She is an entrepreneur, cannabis influencer, TikToker, writer and health / wellness influencer. Jessica is officially one of the world’s greatest music journalists and photographers. She was a guest as a top influencer on Montel Williams ‘cannabis podcast’Let’s be frank‘. She is proudly an ambassador of The Last Prisoner Project.

As a pioneer TikToker, she has expanded her influence on social media, growing rapidly with more than 130 million views. Jessica’s TikTok videos got her slots on Ridiculousness from MTV and BET, among others.

She is a longtime writer who has written hundreds of articles published in Global Digital and Print publications and magazines. Jessica was first published in “The American Anthology of Poetry” at the age of 11. She just released her first book, ‘Open the cosmic doors’, August 24, 2021.

You have just released your first book “Opening the Cosmic Doors…”. What is it like to be a published author and what was the creative process like as you put it all together?

It’s incredible. I have written all my life and was first published in “The American Anthology of Poetry” when I was 11 years old. The creative process for “Opening The Cosmic Doors” involved me strategically placing myself in a natural environment, California, where I was able to imbibe the wisdom of my surroundings.

Introspect, I delved into my history with cannabis and how herbal medicine has helped improve my health. I deeply hope that my first book, “Opening The Cosmic Doors”, will serve as a springboard to obtain the signing of a series of poetry by a major publishing house.

You are a successful influencer on both Instagram and TikTok. What are the biggest challenges you face as an influencer and what are you doing to overcome these challenges?

Thank you so much. A major challenge I have faced is not being properly credited on Instagram. The lack of verification on Instagram, as I meet all the qualifications, cost me a lot of money and growth. I have lost brand partnerships.

I tried to advocate for the cannabis industry and Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri ignored me for over a year and a half. I have strategically invested in how Instagram’s terms and conditions set out to receive the blue tick to advance my position in the digital economy; the societal stigma surrounding cannabis has currently taken over my ability to move forward effectively on Instagram. It breaks my heart.

What’s one thing you learned from TikTok that you don’t think you learned otherwise?

I learned so much from TikTok. I never thought I would have become a videographer, but TikTok inspired me to add this skill to my skill set. TikTok has created such a healthy culture on their app that we as creators feel comfortable creating content in our pajamas rather than the artificial pressure that Instagram creates.

You had the opportunity to photograph some of the biggest names in music. What is one of your most memorable experiences photographing a celebrity and why?

Photographing Greta Van Fleet at Coachella was in my back alley. After the show, we hung out in a trailer behind the scenes and talked about essential oils, natural life, oxygen therapy and tea… happiness.

What other TikTok influencers inspire you?

I really like the story behind Melissa Ong aka Chunkysdead. She’s a former Google employee who threw in the towel on company life for a total of 360 posting some of the most hilarious, brutal, and raw content on the internet. It’s clear to the trained mind that Melissa has a good understanding of social media and uses her comedic value and self-awareness to her advantage. A total winner in my eyes.

Who will you be dying to photograph? Is there anyone in particular on your bucket list and why?

I have knocked so many artists off the bucket list over the years! At this point in my career, I only photograph musicians / bands that I feel need to be added to my portfolio. The only artist that I have not yet photographed and that I would love very much is Bjork.

What are some of your long term goals? Where do you ultimately see your influence taking you?

Cannabis entrepreneurship / advocacy is my top professional priority. My goal is to launch my own startup, raise funds, and build my own California-based cannabis business over five to seven years.

To learn more about Jessica Golich, check out her official site, and follow her on Instagram, TIC Tac, and Twitter.


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