Titan Comics acquires Conan the Barbarian license for 2023

Conan the Barbarian is jumping ship for a new comic book publisher – again. Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures have teamed up on the Conan License for comic book publishing starting in 2023 with an all-new series on the way. The publisher will also produce remastered archives, including the omnibus program led by Marvel Comics.

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This is the second time that the The Conan license has left Marvel: the publisher started publishing Conan comics in the 70s but stopped when the license expired in the 90s. Dark Horse Comics picked up the license early and published Conan from 2003 to 2018, date to which Marvel re-acquired the license and began publishing new Conan comics in 2019.

Three years later, Robert E. Howard’s roster of characters – minus Red Sonja, who still resides at Dynamite – will appear in stories published by Titan in partnership with Heroic Signatures. A new Conan in progress will be part of Titan’s 10th anniversary celebration, and the publisher has also teased a limited series featuring other heroes from Howard’s world.

“We have been working with Titan for a year on the prose side and have established a good foundation to grow our business together. When it became clear that Heroic Signatures would publish our own comics, it was natural to partner with a team who we’ve known for. Their publishing expertise is stellar and we couldn’t be more excited to launch a barbaric horde of titles like Conan, Solomon Kane, Dark Agnes and many more together,” said the president. of Heroic Signatures, Fredrik Malmberg, in the ad.

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Vivian Cheung and Nick Landau, co-publishers of Titan Comics and Titan Books, added, “Following the Conan fiction and illustrated books Titan Books is releasing this year with Heroic Signatures, we are thrilled to extend our relationship with our long-time colleagues. date, Fred and Jay and their incredible team, to include comic books, graphic novels and archival editions through Titan Comics, for all Robert E. Howard properties we launch in 2023.”

Titan picks up Conan comics license on the heels of last year’s announcement that its books division will publish new Conan novels, short stories and illustrated art books starting fall 2022, to celebrate the character’s 90th birthday. That line will launch with the novel Conan: Blood of the Serpent on October 18, followed by a behind-the-scenes retrospective of Conan the Barbarian: The Official Movie History on November 1.

Titan’s Conan comics will be distributed by Penguin Random House and Diamond Comic Distributors. Stay tuned for more information, including the ongoing series’ creative team and additional titles to be announced.