Top Japanese Manga Publishers Sue Massive Hacking Site

Piracy is the bane of any creator’s existence, and manga artists have suffered greatly from the industry. After all, manga piracy is huge, and it’s only growing as the medium itself gains more fans. Of course, steps have been taken by publishers to stop pirates over the years, and these legal initiatives have been on the rise recently. And now it looks like several of Japan’s biggest publishers are teaming up to fit a massive piracy site for over US$14 million.

The news comes from Japan as reports confirm that a joint lawsuit against the Mangamura site has been filed. Shueisha, Kadokawa, and Shogakukan have come together to sue the hacking service. According to the Tokyo District Court, the lawsuit filed is for $14.2 million in damages for 17 series in total.

According to the lawsuit, the manga mentioned in its damages are One Piece, Kingdom, Yawara, Dorohedoro, Overlord, Sgt. Frog, Wise Man’s Petitchild, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Trinity Seven, Hinamatsuri, Erased, Mushoku Tensei, Golden Rough, Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru, Karakuri Circus, Kengan Ashura and Tasogare Ryuseigun.

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If this site sounds familiar to you, it’s no surprise. Mangamura is one of the largest illicit manga hosting sites on the internet. It has also faced legal issues before as Romi Hoshino, the site’s alleged administrator, was found guilty of copyright infringement in 2021. Other lawsuits have been filed against the site by creators such as Ken Akamatsu . And now it looks like several of Japan’s biggest publishers are now taking on the website itself for millions of dollars in damages.

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