Transform Magazine: Gretel Creates New Identity for Personal Finance Platform – 2021


Tend, a next-generation personal finance platform committed to improving access to financial well-being, has been officially launched in the United States. and Mexico. Tend worked with New York-based design and branding studio Gretel to name and launch a brand identity for himself, which could thrive in the fintech industry.

The resulting brand aims to break out of the mold of traditional banking services, while positioning Tend to become both trustworthy and inspiring to its specific audience. Tend’s vision revolves around three main ideas: community, co-creation and financial rewards, many of which have never been available to underbanked populations and audiences in the United States and Mexico.

The company worked with Gretel to create a brand that could match its mission to infuse a sense of financial well-being into every brand behavior, from product to UX, communications and marketing. This is expressed through the slogan “building the world’s first banking collective”.

“The bank is emotional. Research shows that fear, shame, and anger are the most common emotions surrounding money, and negative connotations and undertones control the category as a whole. From the outset, the content of Tend had to be focused on optimism and a more inclusive approach, ”explains Gretel Chief Strategy Officer Daniel Edmundson.

To cultivate a sense of financial well-being, Tend’s focus on community, co-creation and financial rewards are key pillars of the brand. By sourcing content from its users, Tend aspires to use its platform to create a financial information sharing network that will benefit underbanked people and offer community and guidance.

This feeling of well-being is summed up in the name of the brand. “The name Tend is particularly special. This fits perfectly with the purpose and the voice of the brand. It’s active and intentional, warm and inviting, it involves taking care of something other than yourself and signals a general feeling of growth and progress, ”says Edmundson.

The system designed by Gretel uses three lines assembled in a T-shape as a metaphor for the community Tend is building: Tend brings people together to get the most out of their financial lives by joining. The T can connect to other lines endlessly, aiming to be a visual representation of the growing and interwoven web of Tend members.

“We didn’t hesitate to have a strong visual and linguistic personality so that Tend doesn’t immediately feel like a bank, because it doesn’t,” explains Andrea Trabucco-Campos, Creative Director of Gretel.

The resulting design is colorful, deploying warm and bright colors, in stark contrast to the blues, greens and blacks that dominate the sector. The typography is bold, aimed at bringing clarity to any message.


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