Transform Magazine: Monotype Introduces New Serif Font for the Digital Age – 2021


Type Foundry and tech company Monotype present Cotford, a new typeface from Studio Monotype that aims to celebrate shape, shape and attention to detail and become an ‘op serif’ for the modern digital age .

With digital branding evolving with technological changes, businesses are eager to embrace typography that is both human and versatile. Cotford was designed with this in mind, seeking to be a contemporary serif font with the versatility and toughness that brands today expect.

“Cotford is something I wanted to design since 2014. Thinking back to my sketches since then, the idea has kept resurfacing. My goal was to take the warmth and originality of those sketches and turn them into a useful and unique family of fonts, ”says Foley, director of typographic design at Monotype.

Cotford seeks to juxtapose heritage and innovation. While it’s layered with references to classic typeface designs, it also taps into current trends and future possibilities in front-end technology. A variable-first typeface, Cotford offers different options for text and display styles, giving designers a range of optical weights and sizes.

“I designed most of Cotford during the lockdown. It became a form of escape for me, something I could immerse myself in and turn the anxiety of what was going on around me into something productive. That way it’s a deeply personal project, ”explains Foley.

Foley has also used scenes from his locality over the past year and a half to develop the visuals to introduce the family.



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