Transform magazine: SomeOne designs a new destination brand for Olympia – 2021


Creative design agency SomeOne developed the new destination brand for Olympia London, an exhibition and event space based in West London. The branding strategy and visual identity aim to position Olympia as the new London center of creativity, hospitality and experience.

The redevelopment of the site, which aims to improve existing exhibition and event spaces, will include new buildings on the site, such as London’s largest new theater since the National Theater in 1976.

“Brands can come and go, but buildings last. Being part of such an iconic development to rival King’s Cross in terms of impact on London’s future evokes feelings of great excitement and responsibility in equal measure, ”said David Law, founder of SomeOne.

The arches of the Olympia National and Olympia Grand, both Grade II listed, will be incorporated into the redevelopment of the site and will continue to host events during construction. SomeOne took inspiration from the arches of the new destination wordmark, designing it to be simple yet bold and durable.

The visual resources were formed under the simple idea of ​​”‘O’ is for Olympia”. In collaboration with motion design studio, weareseventeen, and 3D artist, Ingrid Tsy, SomeOne has developed a series of 3D CGI assets that showcase the multiple offerings the region has to offer its visitors. All of this is linked by an iconic “O” shape. The circular symbol is also maintained in the rest of the visual language, acting as a common thread in all communications.


SomeOne based its conception of visual identity, from typography to color palette, on flexibility, keeping in mind that the brand will need to grow and change as much as Olympia does in the years to come. . “The O system is designed to continuously evolve and develop, just as the site and place will too. In the short term, it must show what is to come, while construction is underway, ”explains Laura Hussey, founder of SomeOne.

The primary typeface, Right Grotesk by Pangram Pangram Foundry, aims to provide the right amount of flexibility due to its variable nature and multiple weights. Likewise, the color palette of rich dark layered with vivid, soft colors not only allows for a greater level of flex, but also gives a light and shadow feel, promoting ‘showtime’ positioning with a subtle hint. highlighting.

Ben Field, Senior Account Director at SomeOne, said: “Once the largest exhibition space of its time, the new Olympia branding builds on its history and helps revitalize the region as a premier international venue. , showcasing the best of art, culture, music, entertainment and hospitality.


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