Trump’s legal challenges against unflattering revealers continue to fail as referee sides with Omarosa


Top line

Former President Donald Trump’s complaint alleging ex-aide Omarosa Manigault violated his nondisclosure agreement by publishing a book about his administration has failed in arbitration, one of a series of unsuccessful legal efforts by Trump and his allies to punish the authors for their damaging books about him and his presidency.


In a decision released on Friday and communicated to the parties on Monday, arbitrator T. Andrew Brown noted Manigault did not violate his NDA with his 2019 book Disarmed, because the book was largely made up of “opinions” which she could not have known “would be considered” confidential information “under the terms of the agreement.”

Trump’s brother Robert Trump sued his niece Mary Trump in an attempt to block publication of his book Too much and never enough, which failed in court in June 2020.

The Trump administration without success tried to block former councilor John Bolton’s book The room where it happens in court, then opened a criminal investigation into the ex-aide and sought to prevent him from profiting from the book, which the Biden administration dropped in June.

Trump’s Justice Department for follow-up Former White House Assistant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff for violating her NDA with her book Melanie and me about the former first lady, arguing that the profits from the book should go to the federal government, but the Biden administration also fall this trial in February.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was returned to jail after being housebound after refusing to accept a media ban from Trump’s Justice Department that allegedly thwarted his plans to publish a Trump-centric book , but a judge then sided with Cohen and sent him back to home containment, and the DOJ eventually dropped its media ban in July 2020.

Trump’s lawyers sent letters warning of potential legal action trying to block Michael Wolff’s post Fire & Fury and A warning– written by an anonymous author who later turned out to be the former Homeland Security official, Miles Taylor – but both books were published anyway and no litigation was filed.

Large number

More than 1,200. This is the number of books already published on Trump during his presidency in August 2020, according to an NPD BookScan analysis cited by the New York Times– a number that has continued to grow over time.

Crucial quote

According to the judge, Trump’s argument in the case amounted to demanding that Manigault “never say anything remotely critical of Mr. Trump, his family or the businesses of his family or members of his family. for the rest of his life “. “Such a burden is certainly unreasonable,” Brown wrote in his ruling.

What to watch out for

Retired U.S. District Court Judge Shira A. Scheindlin told the Times the arbitral award in the Manigault case does not set a precedent that would automatically apply to future Trump cases alleging White House aides violated their NDAs. Lawyer Cliff Palefsky told the Times the decision “may be convincing” when it comes to other decisions, however, even if it is not an official legal precedent.

Key context

Unflattering revelations about Trump’s White House from reporters and members of the administration have flourishes over the past few years, typically ending up on bestseller lists and coming up with explosive claims like Trump allegedly paying someone to take the SATs for him or request China to help him in the elections. Although Trump is now removed from his post, the books are still in production. Former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, also ex-chief of staff to First Lady Melania Trump, is the next former Trumpworld personality to release a unflattering to take on his stay at the White House, with reports indicating that the book will include details such as Trump allegedly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he was only acting “hard” on him “for the cameras” and Melania Trump distanced herself from her husband in response to his infidelities.

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