Two tenants evicted and houses condemned after a catalog of complaints

Two tenants have been evicted from their homes after a catalog of complaints from neighbors.

The men were evicted from their council properties in Solihull.

Two closing orders were granted by a court to Solihull Community Housing, which run Solihull Council’s housing service, on Monday January 24 and the properties were sealed off following four police raids.

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Officers executed two warrants at the first address in Severn Close, Smiths Wood, in response to numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour, Birmingham Live reports.

Reports to police included suspected drug dealing, late-night visitors causing a disturbance, bullying behavior, verbal abuse, threatening comments and the smell of cannabis coming from the property.

There have been other complaints about noise from motorbikes being repaired inside the building and cars being repaired in the common outdoor area.

It was also claimed that a dog was left unattended and free to roam the common areas without a leash.

Police and Solihull Community Housing officers enforcing a closure order in Smiths Wood

The tenant, Colin Sutton Dunne, 35, did not attend the Birmingham Magistrates’ Court hearing which continued in his absence.

It is understood that the arrest warrants of September 23 and November 12 last year led to the seizure of a large amount of cannabis, several mobile phones and drug paraphernalia.

Sutton Dunne admitted that all the items seized belonged to him.

In a separate case, Lewis Davis, tenant of Keble House in Chelmsley Wood, was banned from entering the property where he was living after several bags of cannabis and white powder were seized at the address.

Weapons and drug paraphernalia recovered

A baton, CS spray, large knife and other drug paraphernalia were also recovered during police warrants on May 17 and November 17 last year.

The 25-year-old attended a court hearing on Monday and did not contest the closure order.

Both ordinances prohibit anyone except those named – in these cases, the owner, people working for Council of Solihull, Solihull Community Housing or emergency services – to stay, return or enter the premises for three months.

Anyone violating the order could face arrest.

“Law-abiding tenants deserve to live in safety”

Councilor Karen Grinsell, Deputy Leader of Solihull Council, said: ‘I am truly delighted that after many months of hard work by Solihull Community Housing Officers, Solihull Council’s legal team and the West Midlands, we have been able to successfully bring these cases to court and secure the closing orders which prohibit these two tenants from living in our properties.

“Our law-abiding tenants deserve to live safely in the community without having to put up with criminal and anti-social behavior in their neighborhood.

“I urge all tenants who believe criminal and anti-social behavior is taking place in their neighborhood to contact Solihull Community Housing or the police.

“You will be listened to, we will deal with your complaints in complete confidentiality and we may be able to act as we were able to do with these two tenants.”

Chelmsley Wood Police tweeted: “The team helped our colleagues from [ Solihull Community Housing] in executing a full close order of the property below, which is a brilliant result.

“The occupier has been evicted and the property has been condemned.

“Excellent work by everyone involved.”

To make a complaint about anti-social or criminal behavior at Solihull Council properties, contact the Anti-Social Behavior Helpline on 0121 717 1500.

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