Tyler Kirkham and Alé Garza launch Artists Elite Comics and unveil their first project

Longtime comic book creators Tyler Kirkham and Alé Garza have launched Artists Comics Elite and will release the publisher’s first titles in June.

Longtime comic book creators Tyler Kirkham and Alé Garza have launched a new publishing company alongside retailer/publisher Shawn Hudachko, Artists Elite Comics, which will release its first draft this summer.

Kirkham and Garza introduce a new team of otherworldly superheroes in the upcoming Red Primer and Primary blue specials, which come out in June. Each release is a special 26-page preview issue with four pages of sketches, concepts and more focusing on each new character created by a handful of legendary artists.

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Primary blue features characters such as Garza’s SandWenches, Chad Hardin’s Deathwatch, Dexter Soy’s Red Ronin, Freddie Williams’ Belong, Jordan Gunderson’s Apotheosis, and Kirkham’s Final Boss. Red Primer highlights Mecha Girl by Alan Quah, Darkskulls by Ben Templesmith, Lost Serpent Prince by Brett Booth, Seraph and the Seven by Ryan Kincaid, Obina by Paolo Panalena and Karnal Confessions. Both specials have a main cover that connects to each other, as well as a separate 1:25 ratio variant cover.

“Artists Elite Comics was created by artists/writers for artists/writers,” Kirkham told CBR. “A publishing house for creators to support each other through the creative process! A virtual bullpen! Some of us come from the studio environment where you’re constantly trying to be your best and be the next artist. A competitive environment brings out the best in a creator. Many artists have amazing stories to tell, but may not have a big-name writer to team up with. It’s a perfect way to us to tell our stories and develop our own intellectual properties, while having the support of publishers, designers, retailers and, of course, our peers. The first wave brought together 12 renowned industry creators to showcase our own original creator-owned projects in a new pulp comic-style magazine similar to heavy metal and foreign comics. Multiple stories and creators in each issue!”

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Kirkham has worked for Marvel, DC, and a number of other publishers in the past. Some of his works include Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool, The Ultimate Fantastic Four, X-Men: Phoenix, New Avengers/Transformers, Teen Titans, Earth 2: the end of the world, Mortal Blow, Green Lantern: New Guardians and more. Garza has also worked for Marvel and DC. Some of his past works include Infinity Wars: Arachknight, bat girl, super girl, skye runner and more.

Red Primer and Primary blue released via Lunar Distribution. Pre-orders are available at Artists Elite Comics or by contacting local comic book stores. Both issues are out June 1. More information can be found at Elite Comics Artist.

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