UK’s most established retailer of business supplies is removing single-use plastics from its 2022 catalog

Banner, the full-service business supplies company, has removed all unnecessary single-use foodservice plastics from this year’s catalog as part of its ambition to reduce both its contribution to landfill and its carbon footprint.

The company, which began over 200 years ago at Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, specializes in being an expert partner for businesses of all sizes. Its full-service offering includes the management and distribution of essential PPE and catering supplies, office stationery and printing-related equipment.

By excluding all foodservice plastics intended for disposal after one use from its catalog, the company enables and encourages greener buying behavior for businesses and organizations across the country.

Isabel Spence, Director of Merchandising and Marketing at Banner, says, “If single-use foodservice products can be sustainably replaced, they should be taken out of the economy because they are destined for landfill. Worse still, they can find themselves fugitives in the environment, causing untold damage to delicate ecosystems already threatened by climate change.

“Banner is one of the most extensive suppliers to businesses and organizations across the country, so by replacing plastic cutlery, cups, plates and catering products like this with more sustainable alternatives, we hope to have a significant global impact that our customers can also benefit from in terms of their own commitments to the environment.

In addition to excluding unnecessary single-use foodservice plastics, the company is reducing the number of catalogs distributed this year while reducing the size of the catalog itself. This change will help reduce the amount of paper needed to serve its customers while encouraging adoption of its digital catalog.

In addition to this, the company also discontinued the use of plastic banding on its catalogs for transportation and shrink wrap on its pallets, which were either non-recyclable or required handling and baling to be recycled.

Isabel Spence continues: “Banner is proactively changing the way it deals with its customers and its own internal processes. The new environment-focused changes will save the company six tons of paper, 1.66 km of plastic tape and 315 m2 of shrink wrap – a huge amount of materials, energy and resources!

“As the industry begins to make more carbon-conscious choices, it’s important that as a trusted partner, Banner can help achieve our customers’ goals and Net Zero targets.”

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