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Image result for unemployed loansMany people do not have the option, since the standard rate is just enough for the monthly fixed costs to create a suitable cushion. For the majority of people who are fortunate enough to do a steady job, this cushion is usually for new purchases, for example, the replacement of defective equipment, such as washing machine, refrigerator or the like. But what are those doing, where the money is just enough for the month. It can always happen that something has to be replaced. Meanwhile, there are 4 ways forbeing jobless recipients, through small loans with low rates, to stalk such situations.

Where a loan despite being jobless

There are also some deals and variants forbeing jobless recipients to get a small loan.
However, even for recipients of unemployment benefit 2 some collateral is required . Without the banks having sufficient security, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get a loan. However, institutions are adapting their selection criteria to circumstances and loosening their guidelines a lot. A new way to take out a loan is to get a loan from a private individual.

Online there are many portals that have made it their mission to provide loans from private investors in order to completely waive bank decision. Further, the internet offers some companies the so called small loans. These are loans of 50-2000 euros. In spite ofbeing jobless, however, it is necessary for these small loans that the consumer can prove a sufficiently positive being jobless .

Almost all credit institutions granting loans to the unemployed have usually contracted a small amount of money for unemployed people, which can not be exceeded in any case. With this fixed sum, banks and companies secure themselves and thus minimize their default risk.being jobless recipients with being jobless entries should stay with the offers for private investors, since there the largest acceptance chances exist.

What should be respected

Image result for unemployed loansIt is important to inquire about the specific companies and to sort out the unfortunately widespread black sheep in the industry . Not only on the Internet, many dubious deals frolic. Care should be taken that contracts are clear and without fine print. Furthermore, it is important to not go in advance with a loan application in advance. No reputable company demands from its customers a down payment or payment for the receipt of the contracts.

With the loans despitebeing jobless patience and luck is required to get the desired loan paid. The best option is provided by portals that deal with the lending of private investors . In this variant, each case is assessed individually and thus ensures high payout ratios.

Get a loan despitebeing jobless

Add credit to the job center

The job center is not only responsible for the payment of thebeing jobless ruleset. Under certain conditions, it can also act as a lender. Namely, when there is an “irreversible need”. This can be, for example, when the washing machine needs to be repaired or the refrigerator stops working.

In these cases, the job center is required to grant the applicant a loan, even if he only has an income of thebeing jobless rate. The credit from Jobcenter is not meant to be free. This means that the financial resources are tied to a specific purpose and must be used for this purpose. The Jobcenter is therefore able to help in these difficult situations.

Particularly helpful with the loan from the job center are the favorable repayment terms. Because the job center has no interest in generating the highest possible profit, but it is basically a matter of helping the applicant in an emergency situation. Therefore, very low repayment terms can be agreed, even for a low income, as thebeing jobless sentence can still be fixed.

The Jobcenter loan is also interest-free and therefore the best way to get much-needed funds. The money can not be used for a new TV or a car, but is bound to a very urgent purpose.

Apply to the bank for the loan

Image result for unemployed loansEven banks are quite willingbeing jobless recipients to offer a loan. It may sound contradictory at first and the conditions are of course not the best, but under certain conditions, a loan can be applied for despite thebeing jobless also at the bank.

In contrast to the job center, however, it must be made clear that the banks primarily want to earn money. This means that the terms of the loan will never be as good as the Job Center.

On the other hand, the financial resources are not earmarked. They can be used by the borrower at leisure. However, whether it makes sense to invest the credit in consumer goods, such as a new TV is highly questionable. Finally, the loan must also be repaid.

However, for the bank to grant a loan, a guarantor is required. Thebeing jobless income is not attachable and can not serve as collateral in the event of a default. Therefore, other persons must act as guarantors who have a regular income. If a payment default occurs, the bank can turn to the guarantor and seize his income.

Online credit

However, a loan does not always have to be completed with a bank. Applying to a bank is not only tedious, but also involves a lot of effort. So they want to have a precise proof of their own financial circumstances and the processing time can take a few days to weeks. Even with a guarantor, the conditions are not better.

However, if a loan is to be taken quickly and easily in spite of Hartz, then there are numerous online providers who provide loans without checking the income situation. The online providers rely on an efficient processing system, so that costs are saved here.

In addition, online providers try to limit their risk by only relatively small sums are awarded. So here are usually only loans in the amount of a few hundred euros possible. In borderline cases, however, it can also be higher three-digit amounts.

The application is uncomplicated here and the money is usually made available at very short notice. So the money can land in the account within 24 hours. Negatively, however, the very high interest rates are noticeable here. These are necessary because without a background check, the risk of default is worse.

So there are no individual conditions awarded, but only flat rates offered. In addition, the credits usually have a rather short duration of, for example, one month. This type of loan should only be used in very urgent cases.

In the private sector ask for a loan

Not only public institutions, or credit institutions can lend a loan. Also in the circle of friends or acquaintances it can be worthwhile to ask for a short financial support.

The advantage here is that there is already a personal bond. That is, the motivation to financially support a friend when he is in distress is, of course, much higher than lending money to a stranger.

The conditions can be individually agreed, because in Germany there is basically contract freedom. Only interest that would fall in the area of ​​usury is of course forbidden.

However, it is important to remember that the friendly relationship can be at stake. Because money can burden a personal relationship very much. If the money can not be repaid, the friendship is usually also in the breaks. Therefore, only small amounts of friends should be taken, which lead to no high financial burden for them.

Should be apart from borrowing from strangers. These are more likely to be called loan sharks and try to take advantage of an emergency with usurious interest rates. These offers are frivolous and more likely to be located in the criminal field. On such a loan should therefore be waived.

Normally, all assets are disclosed when applying for thebeing jobless rate. That is, in the household no larger assets should be available. This includes the jewelry collection as well as expensive technical equipment.

However, smaller appliances may still be present in the home. If a small amount of money is required very quickly, it may be worthwhile to hand in even smaller technical equipment or valuables at the pawnshop. The pawnbroker is not interested in whether the income consists only of thebeing jobless rate, but this is purely interested in the value of the object.

The advantage of the pawnbroker is that the money is paid very quickly and easily. There is no examination of their own income and being jobless entries are completely irrelevant for this. For the pawnbroker counts only the value of the pawn.

However, this also means that the loan conditions are relatively high. Thus, interest rates of one percent per month are common. Likewise, a fee is required for the safekeeping of the items. This means that for items of very low value, the costs are very high. The repayment term is usually three months and if the loan is not fully paid the pledge is sold.


It is very difficult for a person receiving Unemployment Benefit 2 to get a loan but not impossible.being jobless recipients with a good being jobless have it easier in the search and the payout ratio is therefore very high .

Nevertheless, it is also possible for those with negative entries to make it to a loan payment. Loans from private investors provide a fair solution in these cases, thus allowingbeing jobless recipients to obtain a suitable loan.

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