Unique Literary Festival Focuses Only on Storytelling, Haudenosaunee Edition

A HTML0 festival which is focused only on Haudenosaunee storytelling is expected to be announced very near future.

It is an annual event that is also known by the name of Ogwehoweh Storytelling Festival. Ogwehoweh Storytelling Festival. Ogwehoweh Storytelling Festival will take place beginning on the 25th of August until the 26th of August in the Six Nations Polytechnic Campus. Six Nations Polytechnic Campus located in Six Nations located on the Grand River is approximately 30km from Hamilton from the West of Hamilton. The event will be live streamed on the internet for all to enjoy.

Janet Rogers who is co-producer of the festival says that it’s among the most unique festivals in Canada that focuses on Haudenosaunee telling stories.

Rogers was a journalist as well as an Editor. Her travels have taken her in her state of birth, her home state in America, across the United States and across Canada including British Columbia and Alberta, returning back to the Six Nations home just two years since her return. “It’s certainly the first city with a lot of presenters and writers with a connections with Haudenosaunee.” She added.

This festival anticipated to feature spoken poetry, spoken words spoken word, as well as workshops for children’s memoirists. filmmakers, memoirists and more.

The group’s name is specifically given by Ogwehoweh. It’s a promise for “the First People,” explained Rogers. Haudenosaunee is an allusion to “people of”the Old Home” or those who belong to the Six Nations that make”the” Haudenosaunee confederacy. This includes the people of The Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk and Tuscarora nations.

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artists can communicate and work in groups together with fellow artists. talk about their work and talk about the lessons they’ve learned through your work

Kristi White is a writer who has written about her daughter who is now part of The Oneida Nation of the Thames in the southwest region of Ontario She will participate in the panel discussion held in the course of the celebration. White is one of the writers of the story of Jay and The Gizmo Series which describes the story of Jay who is being an Aboriginal teenager Jay and his closest pal Gizmo The feline.

“Everything that I’m associated in is focused on Indigenous group. In fact it’s a matter of looking at your footwear, it doesn’t regardless of whether you’re wearing child or adult moccasins, they’ll be thrown onto the ground,” she added.

The very first book of this book series. Jay Gizmo and Jay Gizmo make the perfect pair of buddies. In the book that they just released, they meet an local Hoop dancer as well as learn powwows, braids, and even boys.

The experiences she’s had with HTML0 is evident by the fact she’s written four books the author prior to she started using HTML0. It means that she’s accountable for her personal sales and marketing. She’s currently researching the possibility of translating books to The Ojibway and Oneida languages.

The festival gives authors such as her the opportunity to show their talent and also gain insight into the publishing process she relies on to get her work . Through, she stated. It is essential for her to ensure that the children’s books are informed by Indigenous culture and the context. Children are able to know their own culture and the culture of other readers through the books that they are intrigued by. There is also the possibility of considering your options to pursue writing careers.

“All isn’t something kids get exposed to on a regular basis. ” She stated. “For Indigenous women who are teens,” I’m an Indigenous woman born in reserves. I’ve experienced this. “

Kahsenniyo is recognized as one from those Nigerian writer of Nigeria.

Hamilton Kahsenniyo’s spoken poems. This festival is regarded as one of the most prestigious literature festivals of Canada and will focus in Haudenosaunee telling tales from Canada. 3.01.

HTML0 An writer who uses “art” is usually called “the most effective method for medicine”

Six Nations of the Grand River Speech Poet Kahsenniyo will perform during the festival. She will also be performing in the Poets and Speech panel.

“It’s an oral story telling practice that has been in existence for quite a while,” the woman stated. “This can be the way we transmit the knowledge. That’s how we gain knowledge. It’s the way we enjoy ourselves. “

The song was composed by her when she was the age of 18 and was part of an active group she was a part of. As time was coming to an end she was captivated by poetry in oral form along with the bonds she was able to make with her colleagues from the literary field. Her research is focused on decolonization and also confronting the traumas of the intergenerational generation.

“For me working in the area of medicine is a form of therapy. It’s a way to be capable of overcoming my problems. What I’ve learned from my experiences has been that the natives are the ones who are most affected. According to her ” she said. It was taken note of. “It is very inspiring to learn the opinions of other people’s thoughts and feelings. It’s also beneficial to share my thoughts about my medication with others in general, which is a crucial aspect of my recovery as well. “

The festival offers people the chance to appreciate the importance storytelling can bring. This is a method that can be utilized by Haudenosaunee that is an individual group with unique stories and distinct voices.

“Colonization along with the assimilation process” has affected the lives of a lot of people across the globe in a variety of ways. There’s a myth that there’s an Aboriginal experience However, the truth is that there’s a wealth of stories to tell and many ways we’ve been affected. The world is full of stories to share. “

It also was the first novel to be published in The Adventures of Jay and Gizmo series. (Kristi Blanche)

HTML0 offers new possibilities within the realm of Indigenous writers.

It was the time where there was no method to connect with this world Indigenous writers, besides important Canadian publishing houses and literary festivals, Rogers explained. It’s not easy to make sure that Indigenous writers can be appreciated by a large public without changing their own style of writing or voice.

“Indigenous writers should write exactly the same manner that they do,” she said. “span data-id=”56 “>”[That is using a language which is not understood by non-natives but is understood and accepted by native speakers. Write in an approach that doesn’t make others uncomfortable. 

Rogers has also launched his own publishing company, Ojistoh Publishing. Dawn Cheryl Hill’s News Collection Keeper of Memories is due to release in the autumn of 2003. This means that Hill is the first writer to be published by a publishing firm which is not controlled by Rogers.

Festivals could be an annual event that highlights Haudenosaunee writers and helps members of the community through assisting each fellow writers. If she’s ever in the area, she’d like to to know the younger writers and join the audience.

“The popularity and enthusiasm for Indigenous tales is currently at highest and current levels” The author stated. “As we’re able to draw new readers and audiences to our stories and to share your stories in their lives, you will aid those just starting out to become Aboriginal writers feel comfortable to share their stories and then later, create books about their stories. “

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